Anushka Manchanda releases Thanks Maa, a special Mother's Day song, on Resso music app

The song pays an ode to all mothers, and the lyrics capture different shades of a mother and her child's relationship

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Anushka Manchanda

Anushka Manchanda

Say a special thanks to your mother, this Mother's Day, with Anushka Manchanda's new song Thanks Maa. The track exclusively released on the music app Resso, has been penned and composed by Charan Singh Pathania who is known for his work in films such as Malang and Love Aaj Kal.

The song pays an ode to all mothers, and the lyrics capture different shades of a mother and her child's relationship. Anushka who is known for her offbeat voice and approach to music has sung this delightful composition. "The lockdown has made us all very vulnerable and the first person we remember during such times is our mother," says Anushka talking about what sparked the idea of working on Thanks Maa.

The singer who has collaborated with Resso especially for Mother's Day says, "We wanted to send out a heartfelt thank you song to mothers, for all that they do for their children. We've tried to keep it as real as possible. Charan penned the lyrics and got the mood right in the first attempt. He produced the song, I sung it at my home studio and my brother (Shikhar Yuvraj Manchanda) mastered it."

The lyrics of the song highlight the bitter-sweet and emotional moments that make a mother and child's bond strong, and how every mom is a rockstar. Talking about her mother, Anushka says her mother was quite open-minded. "My mother has always been fiercely independent and I have inherited that from her. She's also been a cool mum who knew everything about me and my friends. She always had open communication with us kids. She never restricted us. She was aware of all my friends and their boyfriends. She knew of my boyfriend too and always said, 'If you want to meet, call him home, sit in the hall and talk. You don't have to go to his house or roam the streets.' She always created a safe environment for me," reveals the singer.

Interestingly, Anushka's mother's birthday is on Mother's Day, and the singer says they've planned a surprise for her. "I have been spending a lot of time with her and we even tried to record a hook-step dance for the promotion of Thanks Maa, we've been having a blast. For her birthday, we have planned a big surprise party on Zoom," enthuses the singer.

Though Anushka has sung for Bollywood and South Indian films, she is most recognised as an independent musician. In fact, her journey in the music industry started with India's first pop girl group, Viva, which was later disbanded. However, the artiste hasn't stopped working on her independent tracks. Now, with the lockdown, music apps and work by indie musicians are in demand. Sharing her thoughts on this, Anushka says, "Suddenly the playing field has levelled. The kind of power and backing that Bollywood music has, it was very difficult for indie music and artistes to get their music out, now we stand a chance. All of us are on the same platform, but it's our opportunity to shine, right now," she signs off.

Lyrics of Thanks Maa
Ma tere bina ye
Kadvi lage coffee
Aur pheeki lage chai
Kuch samajh na aaye
Rulaaye jitna bhi - 
Mujhe firse hasaaye -
You’re always on a high
Tu teekhi hai mithayi -
Yay yay yay yay
You’re mine!
You're my super ma
Tu hai meri rockstar  
Kaise tu bin bataaye
Meri zindagi chalaaye
Hum toh karte rehgaye try
Tu seedha karke dikhaye
Tu meri pehli hai best friend
Pehli teacher aur pehli student
Tu dil pighlaaye
You always make me smile
Yay yay yay yay
You’re mine!
You're my super ma
Tu hai meri rockstar