MC Sid shares his COVID-19 experience in a song laced with wry humour 

MC Sid aka Siddharth Sood raps about his COVID experience in his latest song

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MC Sid

Comedy Rapper MC Sid aka Siddharth Sood who is known for his freestyle acts has penned down his experience as a victim and survivor of the virus that has wreaked havoc on the planet, in a song. Dotted with sarcasm and dry humour, the song will resonate with everyone who has been afflicted with the coronavirus and had to suffer physically and mentally. Also known as the Comedy Specialist, the Delhi-based artiste has opened shows for artistes including AKON, Mob Deep, Sukhbir, Mika, Honey Singh, Badshah and others. He shares with us the song and more.  

How easy or difficult was it to pen down your COVID-19 experience in a song?

It was a very personal yet traumatic experience. It took a lot of thinking and self-actualization to pen down the song. When I tested positive for Covid-19 in June, it was a different state of mind for everyone. We had just come out of the lockdown and there was a huge stigma attached to it. Everyone was super scared and worried about the after-effects and even treated it like leprosy.

What are the things that you are talking in the song?

Most of the major topics I’ve covered in this song are my own emotions as a patient and how such disease is more a psychological battle in a sense than an actual disease. The sheer trauma my family went through while I was in the Covid ward, isolated from my family and the world with pain and death all around me, left me depressed and agitated. One needs a lot of courage to overcome the situation. My mom got Covid and that freaked me out even more than getting it myself.

Since you are a comedy rapper, does it have a humorous take as well?

I have tried to use a lot of sarcasm and dry humour in it. These forms are quite subtle and may not be understood directly, but if you carefully listen then perhaps you can catch on to this. I tried to keep these undertones quite fluid as I have never explored this form of humour on such a serious subject. I also wanted to test the water very gently and yet try and make a mark.

Tell us about its music.

The music is simply old school. There is rap beat and it’s perhaps got a touch of darkness, a touch of nostalgia and is basically a potpourri of dark and fearful emotions.

What’s next?

Well as it turns out I have realised I want to only tell true-life stories, and nothing better than my own life to make it as real as possible. Also, I’m working on a shorter piece on the same subject with a slightly different tune and I hope that it will also resonate in a similar manner with my audience.