Kolkata band Hello Duck just released their trippy new song, Sirf Tere Liye

This one is a romantic track that also foot-tapping

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  30th October 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  30th October 2020 12:00 AM

Kolkata band, Hello Duck

EDM-Pop genre band Hello Duck has just released a totally romantic, foot-tapping song that you might just like. Called Sirf Tere Liye, the song that released on this October 20, has been written, composed and produced by Manish Das and his band-mate Swayam Majumder.

All other production works including the artwork were done by the duo during the pandemic. We had a short chat with the duo, who will soon come up with their first EP, on the same. Excerpts:

How did you come up with Sirf Tere Liye?

The initial idea of the song started with Swayam singing the line Sirf Tere Liye, Hum Hai Jiye... during a writing session. He later laid out some chords and wrote the rest of the lyrics. After recording the vocals, when he sent it to me for postproduction, I loved and wanted to keep his vocals as the focal point of the track.

After creating more than ten versions of the song, we almost gave up before creating this version back in April, during the lockdown. We faced a few obstacles but kept working hard until we got things to sound just right as it was a very special song for us.

Album art of Sirf Tere Liye

Do you think indie music is growing in popularity despite a huge Bolly influence?

Yes, both social media and streaming platforms have been pushing the growth of indie music. Artists are making the best use of these sites and getting discovered every day. A lot of people are listening to non-film music, thanks to dedicated playlists on music platforms.

What’s your take on remixes?

They’re a great way for musicians to show off their ability in re-imagining songs. One excellent advantage of remixes is that it allows upcoming producers to play around with pre-existing tracks and grow their knowledge of creating music.

Kolkata band, Hello Duck

How does the live gig scenario look like?

Some of our friends who regularly performed at live gigs are facing financial problems due to the pandemic and have turned towards releasing music online since the future of live music is still uncertain. Performers are now focused more on building their social media engagement and willing to adapt to digital platforms.

How are you coping with the pandemic?

The pandemic has affected the workflow which we had planned for the whole year. We now record our ideas on a phone and send each other through messenger. This is how we finished the song Sirf Tere Liye.

Kolkata band, Hello Duck

Do you think online live shows are gaining traction?

Online live shows are interesting but I don’t think they are getting much traction since nothing can replace the vibe of a live show. It’s much more fun to do a live gig where we can engage with our audience directly.

What are you working on currently?

We wrote a lot of songs during the lockdown and currently finishing up the production. And yes, we’re planning to drop our debut EP at the end of this year. Can’t wait to show what we’ve made.