Kochi's rock band Skreen-6 releases new single, Rockin’ Head

Rock music has always had its cult following in Kerala. This bunch of 20-something artists are on a mission to revive the love for the genre with their new album
Skreen-6, a Kochi-based six-piece rock band is reviving the rock culture in Kerala with their sounds.
Skreen-6, a Kochi-based six-piece rock band is reviving the rock culture in Kerala with their sounds.

KOCHI: The rock culture in Kerala has been under a rock for a while now. The land of Motherjane, 13 AD, and EverGreen has seen the golden days of rock music before electronica and hip-hop took over. But that is the thing about rock, even while it may not be making much noise in the forefront, it is a cult that very well thrives in the hearts of those loyal to it.

Skreen-6, a Kochi-based six-piece rock band is reviving the rock culture in Kerala with their sounds. The team members, all in their early 20s, were inspired heavily by the 80’s hard rock and metal bands like Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, GnR, White Snake, and Skid Row. Skreen-6’s hot new single ‘Rockin’ Head’ is a refreshing canvas to look at. 

Maybe rock and metal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but Kerala’s demography has always been open to versatility in art and music. Amal Dev Nambiar is the lead vocalist of Skreen-6. M Krishnan plays the lead guitar, Dibin Savio is on the keys and Adithya K M plays the drums. Jayakrishnan PS cranks the bass while Salas Stewert balances backing vocals and plays rhythm guitars. Their debut, ‘Rockin’ Head’, is for the non-rock enthusiasts too. It is more like an answer to the potent lyric, ‘Who’er said that this is the end.’

Dibin teaches keyboard at Adithya’s school. The band formed an acquaintance while playing gigs at weddings, performing cover songs. But they all played with other artists and bands at the time. “The idea of forming a band came through during the second wave of Covid. We would consistently meet over Zoom calls, and that is how the name Skreen-6 came about,” quips Adithya, a second-year BBA student at Sacred Heart College, Thevara. Having grown up listening to classic rock, he claims that the love for the genre is part of the band members’ creative language. “Those were the music our parents used to listen to. So naturally, we developed an affection for it,” he adds.

According to lead vocalist Amal, the track is an introspective admission for the band’s unending love for rock. The opening scene shows a room filled with eerie silence. Six guys are sat around, questioning their skills and future in music. “The man in the white attire is our collective conscience, played by our friend Sabari. The crux of what we are trying to say is how rock music has helped some of us through tough days in life and how it doesn’t get the spotlight it deserves in today’s world,” he says. Amal’s deep-set voice can sustain a note as well as it contains the emotion in it. The single altogether has an ‘80’s vibe, — the vintage backdrop to denim and leather outfits.

The song has been bridged beautifully with a soulful, poetic delivery by Salas, where he talks about what Rock means to each of the band members. The bit brings in a certain subtlety to the track, balancing its intention and intensity. “It didn’t require much effort to compose those lines. It comes raw, from our hearts,” says Salas, who claims his voice suits ballads! The band plans to explore rock genre ballads soon, in the seven-track album they have in the pipeline. 

Rocking Head, the first single, is a title track to the eponymous album. The song already has over 10,000 views. “The track relies heavily on rhythm. The responses have been surreal and overwhelming. An 80-year-old Carnatic teacher was able to groove to its melody,” says Amal. The track, mixed and mastered by Le Charles Blue, ends on a liberating note — a minute-long guitar solo by Krishnan a.k.a MK. The music video was directed by Sangeeth Prakash.

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