Meet Maneskin, the Italian band behind the viral hit Beggin' You, that's making glam rock cool again 

The band talks to us about its new-found fame and new music 

IN AN INDUSTRY dominated by pop and hip-hop, Italian band Maneskin stands out with its decidedly punk-rock aesthetic. Founded in Rome in 2016, the four-member outfit is making waves on social media with its music as well as its style, taking us back to the good old days of classic rock. After winning the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, its cover of Beggin’ You (by The Four Seasons) and its collab with Iggy Pop, on the song, I Wanna Be Your Slave, took over the charts. The band just launched its latest single, Mammamia, at the legendary SO36 Club in Berlin that is the home of Germany’s punk revolution. At an exclusive press conference, we find out more about the rockers, and what makes them click.

Over the moon
Maneksin (which is Danish for ‘moonlight’), comprises vocalist Damiano David (the current heartthrob of millions of teenagers), bassist Victoria de Angelis, guitarist Thomas Raggi, and drummer Ethan Torchio. The group began performing music on the streets of Rome before witnessing a meteoric rise. When asked the secret to their success, Victoria says it’s because they are authentic and real. She explains, “If we do something good or something bad, we want it to depend on ourselves. We’ve been writing our own music since we started and that works for us. We’re still young, we have so many things to talk about, to express, to experiment with. We’re just enjoying it.” And on a cheeky note, David adds,  “To be honest, I’m kind of a diva, and will never let anybody write music instead of me.”

The new song Mammamia is a tongue-in-cheek take on Italian stereotypes. David explains that they wrote the song after their Eurovision victory, “We only had a few days to go to the studio and write new music. Fortunately, this song came about in a few hours – that’s why we felt like it was going to be a banger for us,” he says. While the song is silly and fun, it also talks about their sudden success and how that has affected their image. 

Style check
Another reason for the band’s popularity is their glam rock-style fashion. Dark eyeliner, bohemian outfits and leather pants hark back to a time of bands such as Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones. Talking about their androgynous, gender-neutral style, Victoria says, “It’s not something we choose to do on purpose, it’s just the way we are. We feel like we can spread a positive message by telling people it’s okay to be who you are. Being confidence is a good thing, it can help a lot.” Maneskin also has a huge LGBTQ+ following. “We have a lot of fans telling us, ‘You helped me come out to my parents’ or ‘You gave me the 
confidence to start dressing how I always wanted to.’ More than any gold record, that’s the most meaningful feedback an artiste can get,” David tells us. 

With a sold out Europe tour, and lots of new music on the cards, Maneskin is only just getting started. “Everything we do, we want to do properly and be 100 per cent satisfied with. We’re going to take our time, there’s no rush,” David sums up. 

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