Pinaki aka Phenom captures the real essence of the reggaeton community in his new song

Third Degree Originals have captured the real essence of the reggaeton community with their latest single, Work on Me

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  16th April 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  16th April 2021 12:00 AM

Third Degree Originals

His last release Mirchi with rapper Divine ruled the music charts for weeks with its infectious beats and lyrics. In fact, if you hear it even today, you will feel like breaking into a jig, no matter where you are! We are talking about Pinaki aka Phenom who is back with Work on Me, a reggaeton-hip-hop number created by his band Third Degree Originals (TDO). The producer who also recently collaborated with Honey Singh for Makhna avers that the song captures the essence of the reggaeton community in its truest form. Excerpts:

How excited is the gang given that it’s the first music video?

We have done a lot of things earlier but in a way yes, we would call it our first music video and we are super excited about it. What makes it special is the fact that it’s all in-house. We are the ones who shot the video, made the music, cut it and mixed and mastered it.

The dominant flavour of Work on Me is reggaeton and hip-hop. Tell us more.

We love reggaeton music and being deejays we know how to hold the crowd when it comes to dancing and we know what keeps them moving. What we have with this song’s music is going to make waves. As far as the rapping is concerned, it’s got a multi-lingual flavour. So, I am rapping in Punjabi; Sean aka Bonafide added Hindi and Alistair aka Koncept brings in English. And we have used Spanish influences as well. So, everyone from the extreme North to deep down South in Kerala will be able to understand and relate to it. The genre of reggaeton has not been explored properly in India and we believe this is the right time to do that. A lot of artistes have attempted reggaeton but failed to make waves internationally. The whole world is going to look at India differently because we have captured the essence and culture of the reggaeton community. So, I am confident we have a big hit here.

What else can we expect from you and TDO in future?

A lot of collaborations are on my mind but at the moment the focus is on TDO. There’s so much stuff coming along pertaining to hiphop, dancehall and reggae that our fans will be thrilled.