Rapper D’Evil's Kaancheck is a reminder to play by the rules during Covid times  

author_img F Khatoon Published :  22nd April 2021 05:37 PM   |   Published :   |  22nd April 2021 05:37 PM


Fresh off the heels of signing to premier hip-hop label, Mass Appeal India, Mumbai based rapper D’Evil aka Dhaval Parab has just dropped his new single Kaancheck. Produced by Karan Kanchan of Mass Appeal India in association with Gully Gang Entertainment, the song adds a dash of waggishness to the Covid-themed renaissance.

The well-crafted entertaining music video with its upbeat bravura features leading digital content creators such as Just Neel Things, Saurabh Ghadge Vines, Focused Indian and Roshan Chauhan, lending an impressive satirical vibe to D’Evil’s witty lyrics and ambitious artistry whilst bringing to the fore the homegrown elements of aamchi Mumbai - pandus, politicians and sakubais!

In essence, ‘Kaancheck’ (connoting ‘a smack’ in slang) non-sanctimoniously breezes through the dialogue around the need for restoration of the dented law and order system in society whilst bolstering D’Evil’s consummate élan for his tongue-in-cheek creative humour. Depicted through the lens of a firebrand cop, the narrative of the single weaves around the various loopholes prevalent within the administrative system and how chastisement makes the disruptive disciplined. Layering gritty humour with a slice of realism, the single diligently interconnects the obligation of synchronicity between law establishment agencies and the common man in order for the establishment of a civilized biosphere.

Talking about the release, the member of Mumbai’s hip-hop circle and DIVINE’s Gully Gang offers, “I am excited to be releasing it via Mass Appeal India and Gully Gang Entertainment. While initially, I wanted to pay a tribute to the real-life law enforcement heroes like Himanshu Roy, Hemant Karkare, Kiran Bedi with this single, I also wanted to maintain a very unbiased stance keeping in mind the current socio-political fabric. The single covers every form of offence in a non-preachy fashion from corruption, bribery, scams to terrorism, assault and something as straightforward as spitting on the roads. Imagining a fearless, crime-free society is impossible without having an intrepid duty-bound policing system on one hand and responsible citizens who abide by the rules on the other hand. The need of the hour is a wakeup call and being more conscious of our doings. Saurabh, Neel, Karan, and Roshan have done a stellar job in keeping the vibe refreshing and relatable.”

Assuming the garb of jedis, D’Evil and Saurabh Ghadge featured as super cops in this brisky but florid music video, embark on a relentless witch hunt to nab law breakers around the city, with Neel Salekar, Roshan Chauhan and Karan Sons essaying notorious offenders who are served the befitting Kaancheck for their impropriety.