Here's what Shilpa Rao has to say about working on Phuljhadiyo and singing Kumar Sanu and Anuradha Paudwal's classic romantic numbers

Shilpa Rao tells us about what went into the making of Phuljhadiyon and collaborating with AR Rahman and Yasser Desai

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Shilpa Rao

Just a few weeks ago Shilpa Rao released two very different tracks. While the song Phuljhadiyo in Kriti Sonan and Pankaj Tripathi-starrer Mimi is a peppy number, the mashup of two classic numbers by Anuradha Paudwal and Kumar Sanu is thoroughly romantic. In a Zoom interview with Indulge, the ace singer spoke about working with maestro AR Rahman and singer Yasser Desai and why the Grammy nomination does not make life any easier. Excerpts: 

Q. Two back to back hits. First Phuljhadiyo and then the Mixtape Rewind song. How does it feel?

It feels good because it's been a year of loss, touching every family. And I am happy that I have been able to put out some good music.  

Q. Let's talk about Mimi first. It's a peppy number and you have sung one after a long time... 

Yes! The last one was Ghunghroo. However, if you listen to its lyrics carefully, you will realise that it's a heavy song. It spells out the ups and downs of a pregnant woman. Hats off to Amitabh Bhattacharya for writing the lyrics in such a way that a serious topic sounds light and breezy. 

Q. As it's an AR Rahman song, did you feel any pressure while delivering?

Actually, it's just the opposite. Rahman's personality is so calm and composed is that it’s contagious. When he works, he doesn't restrict you; he gives you complete freedom.  

Q. You sang two classic romantic numbers from Kumar Sanu and Anuradha Paudwal for MixTape Rewind with Yasser Desai. How was the experience? 

This is the first time I met him and I felt like he is a similar soul. It's so nice to meet someone who has a similar thought process about music and life, be it owning the language or appreciating Hindusthani classical music. It was amazing to jam with him. 

Q. What was your experience working on the classic songs?

It was a little pressured because these are classics. A frame has been set in people's minds regarding the songs and it’s difficult to make your own mark. However, huge thanks to Abhijit Vaghani who was such big support while recording. His ability to merge two songs seamlessly is incredible. He knows my strengths and it's very nice to work with similar minded people.

Q. Did you get any response from the original singers?

I haven't heard from them. But I would love to. Anuradha Paudwal had given me the Filmfare Award and I remember that well. She is such a poised and graceful lady.

Q. You have a Grammy-nominated title to your name now. Does that change anything? 

It might change people around you but it doesn't change the person you are. It's the same struggle when I get back to my studio. You work harder. You ask Meryl Streep if life's easy? I don’t think she will say yes. That's what we strive on, to have a challenge in front to overcome. 

Q. Post your collaboration with Anoushka Shankar, what can we expect? 

We are in talks with some people so there will be some positive news soon. I will keep you posted.

Q. Has life changed after marriage?

The premise of our marriage was that things should not change. We like each other's company and we want to keep it like that. I think when things change post marriage that’s when you get into a bad zone. Both of us are similar; my parents are the same. So following that example we don't want to change anything. 

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