Colonial Cousins’ Leslee Lewis talks about his new song, Entourage, and reminisces about the ’90s

Entourage is in collaboration with American rapper Omar Gooding and producer The ATG

Anagha M Published :  13th August 2021 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  13th August 2021 06:00 AM
Leslee Lewis

Leslee Lewis

THE MUSIC OF Colonial Cousins was the definitive sound of Indian pop in the ’90s. Duo Leslee Lewis and Hariharan charted hits such as Sa Ni Dha Pa and Krishna. It may have been more than two decades since then, but Leslee has not slowed down. “For me, nothing has changed in my music. I’m pretty much the same guy doing the same thing that he loves,” the singer-composer tells us. His latest song is the international number Entourage, that’s in collaboration with American rapper Omar Gooding and producer The ATG.

An out-and-out club number, Entourage seems to be a little different from Leslee’s usual style of music. But the artiste said he felt right at home. “I pretty much started dance music in India with remixes like Piya Tu Ab Toh Aaja and O Mere Sona. So, for me it isn’t a departure. I am just happy I got to do something that I don’t do every day,” he tells us. The song is a mix of pop and rap, with Leslee’s melodic vocals, and Omar’s rapping. The lyrics talk about celebrity life, and the glitz and glamour that go with it.

The music video encapsulates this vibe. “It was shot in a club and it was during the lockdown which made it a bit difficult to shoot. But the entire process was really fabulous. All the co-dancers and performers were superb. We had real fun doing it. I told the choreographer that I don’t dance and do such things everyday so it will be a little difficult for me, but the choreographer was very motivating and supportive,” Leslee shares.

Looking back at his illustrious career, the composer recalls that when he started out, he used to get paid just `30 for gigs. “From that, I went on to earn `1,500 and I was like, ‘wow, four figures!’” he recollects. From then until now, he has delivered hit after hit, both as a solo composer, as well as with Hariharan. We ask him if he misses that time. “I am still a part of Colonial Cousins and that music is a part of my life,” Leslee shares, admitting, “But yes the ’90s was a different era. We were 25 years younger! Colonial Cousins has been a fantastic and magical mystery ride for both me and Hariharan. I don’t think that time can come back. We live in the moment now.”

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