Eight cover songs by Indian bands that are as good as the originals

From Tool and Justin Bieber, to Rahman classics, these bands give their own spin to these chart-toppers 

author_img Justin Nathaniel Published :  11th February 2021 04:15 PM   |   Published :   |  11th February 2021 04:15 PM

Pineapple Express

Many people underestimate the talent it takes to play a good cover and hence cover bands get a lot of undeserving hate and never get their due. These bands play songs of established artistes and try to mimic the artiste perfectly or sometimes add their spin on the number. They can remind us of how good a song is and its potential to sound even better. While well-established artistes charge an arm and leg for a show, cover bands can bring you a similar experience for less. They also provide the opportunity to re-live songs recorded by bands and artists that are retired or are no more. Here are eight some covers that got our attention and deserve love for their unique rendition of popular songs:

Right In Two by Beard of Harmony ft. Yann Phayphet 
This rendition of Right In Two by the famous rock group Tool certainly does justice to the track. The song is about separation and the inability of humans to co-exist peacefully. The guitars and vocal harmony along with Yann’s cello on the cover sounds full, somber and melancholic, they have interpreted the song in a more laid back and soft fashion.

Petta Rap by Live Banned
Bengaluru-band Live Banned has taken an absolute classic ghana song composed by AR Rahman and fused it with the riffs from Rage Against the Machine. Live Banned notorious for their quirky and comic nature have delivered an absolute headbanger cover to the song while tipping their hats at the acclaimed rock band. This performance was on Music Mojo Season 3 - KappaTV. 

Bang Bang by Benny Dayal & Funktuation
This funk cover from Funktuation of Bang Bang from the film Bang Bang composed  by Vishal-Shekhar puts a spin on the song. From funky rhythmic guitars to warm keys nd upbeat rhythmic percussion's, this cover has got it all and for certain is the work of musical geniuses. Benny Dayal’s vocals are smooth and impeccable. This is one of the times when we think the cover is better than the original.

Ennavale by Arvind Venugopal feat The Quintet
This is a near-perfect cover of the original song from the movie Kadhalan (1994) composed by AR Rahman. The cover perfectly exhibits the musical genius of Rahaman’s music composition and takes us on a nostalgic trip to this classic love song from the nineties; it certainly instils the warm feelings of romance. 

Dil Se by Pineapple Express 
This is a Carnatic rock fusion cover of another one of Rahman's classic songs Dil Se, from the movie Dil SeThe number opens with a rich Carnatic vocal scats and progressing on to heavy riffs it is a complete rock and roll take on the song. The song also features unexpected and pulsating instrumental solos on the flute and keyboard. 

Yummy by Paula Rework
The Bengaluru-based band delivers a groovy lo-fi jazz cover of Yummy by Justin Bieber. Paula and the Associates have made the song their own and have interpreted the pop number with soulful instrumentation and slow tender vocals. The song starts with a bang and takes you on a groovy trip on a boat across the universe. 

Adiye by Kelvikkuri 
This live recording of up and coming Bengaluru-based band Kelivikurri’s cover of the song Adiye from the movie Kadal composed by Rahman. The cover is a more jazzy take on the song while still retaining the melodies and rhythms from the original track with a few interesting embellishments you have to look out for. This performance was live at Blue Frog in Bengaluru.