US-based composer Nikhil Suresh to drop his new single, Let’s Get It, on July 30

The high-powered track also happens to be his rock band Grihastha’s debut release

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Nikhil Suresh composer

NIkhil Suresh

LA-based music engineering and mixing wizard Nikhil Suresh is all set to drop his new single, Let’s Get It. The musician had released a teaser a few months ago. The track is also his rock band Grihastha’s debut release. Suresh earned the spotlight with The Lost Boy, the debut studio album by American rapper Cordae which made it to Grammy nominations in the Best Rap Album category in 2020. He was the assistant engineer for one of the tracks. Suresh was part of the band Quarantine in Bengaluru before heading to LA in 2015, and his other noteworthy project includes Love for Summer by Loren Gray, Bum Bum by Dirty Heads and RIP by Berner, all of which have crossed millions of hits on Spotify alone. Excerpts from an interview:

Tell us about Let’s Get It and its music.

Let’s Get It is a high energy track. The theme of the song is to motivate; help in pushing boundaries and achieve set goals. It’s especially meant for people who need a charged-up song for their gym’s playlist or for anyone who’s working towards a goal. It was originally written as an instrumental piece for an automobile expo. However, I decided later that it could be great as a full track in itself. So, I decided to develop it further into what it currently is.

How different is Grihastha from the other bands you have been part of?

Back in Bangalore, I was with a band called Quarantine and post that I have been part of several groups. Grihastha is a high energy, hard rock band. The project is based out of LA and is currently a studio-only one-man project with rotating members. I did it this way so that it can be my creative outlet and I can take things at my own pace in between other production projects. Some of the past collaborators include Alessandro Medri, vocalist for Figure Of Six, (on Let’s Get It) who helped write a lot of the lyrics and did vocals for the song. Takuya Yada, guitarist of Japanese metal band Black Despair, who’s currently helping me write the upcoming single, The Messenger; and also, Ricky Bonnazza, bass player of LA-based band, Butcher Babies, who’s featured on The Messenger as well.

What is your kind of music?

I grew up listening to everything, of course, a lot of Bollywood music. Then I had a short detour when I listened to all things rock and metal. Currently, I’m back to listening to everything. I still do love rock and metal but my playlist also includes songs from artistes such as Lucky Ali, Sona Mohapatra and the Doorbeens.

What's next

With Grihastha, post Let’s Get It that drops on July 30, I have two more singles in the works. As for production, I have extended my deal with 91 Sound Studios, so I will be working on more records from there apart from collaborating with other bands and artistes.