Payal Dev and Stebin Ben’s Baarish Ban Jana makes monsoon more romantic

VYRL Original's Baarish Ban Jana is the ultimate love song this season 

author_img F Khatoon Published :  07th June 2021 08:47 PM   |   Published :   |  07th June 2021 08:47 PM

Hina Khan and Shaheer Sheikh in Baarish Ban Jana

Last year when Payal Dev and Stebin Ben collaborated, we were gifted Baarish, a romantic number that easily made it to our monsoon playlist. And this year the duo got back again for another romantic song - Baarish Ban Jana, on the same theme, and we just can't get our ears off it. Starring Hina Khan and Shaheer Sheikh, and shot in the verdant hills, the song and its music touch our hearts. We caught up with Payal who talked about her sophomore monsoon song and more. Excerpts:

You and Stebin are back with another song on rain. Was this song decided during the 2020 song release?

Yes! We are back with another song but this was not decided in 2020. After the wonderful review of Baarish and love from our audience, we had to collaborate once more. This was completely VYRL Original’s idea of making Baarish 2.0 during monsoon because people usually wait for that feeling. Since it was a pandemic we made it in this situation only so that people could enjoy this song with the monsoon knocking on our doors.

What is it about Stebin that made you collaborate with him again?

It’s always a delight to work with Stebin. His voice is so amazing.

This is your second song on the theme of rain, what are your favourite evergreen monsoon numbers?

My favourite evergreen monsoon song is Saanso Ko Saanso Mein from the film Hum Tum. It's a very romantic song and I love it.

Tell us about Baarish Ban Jana and its music. 

Baarish Ban Jaana is an out and out romantic track. Aditya has done a wonderful job with the song and the theme. The moment you start listening to the song you won’t be able to resist humming it. I had created the tune and then Kunaal Vermaa set the lyrics for it. Later I dubbed the entire thing and then arranged it. Sadly because of the lockdown, we all couldn’t meet like normal times but we have worked hard for the song.

Shaheer and Hina look adorable in the video…

They indeed look adorable together. They have given justice to their roles. Personally, I am a big fan of both Hina and Shaheer and I have loved their work on the screen. In the music video’s climax scene, I loved when Hina's expression changes when Shaheer comes near her. It gave me goosebumps. They have amazing chemistry and I hope we get to see more on-screen.

We have mostly heard romantic numbers from you when it comes to independent releases. Will you continue this trend this year?

There are two genres that people will never get bored of - romantic and sad romantic. Evergreen songs are the result of these genres. I try to make pure romantic songs so that people can connect to them. I focus on the melody of the song because that's very important for any song. I will try to give more beautiful romantic songs to my audience.