In conversation with Malfnktion about his new album, No Dough 

Anagha M Published :  18th June 2021 05:00 AM   |   Published :   |  18th June 2021 05:00 AM


MUSICIAN ADITYA ALAMURU, better known as Malfnktion, has been active in the indie music circuit for seven years now. The artiste is known and loved for the way he interlaces Indian sounds with electronic hip-hop beats, right from his first EP, Hindustani Rascal to last year’s Raaja Beats. Aditya is
back with another album, No Dough, that furthers his ‘east-meets-west’ aesthetic, but in a more evolved and subtle way.

“I produced these songs over the last couple of years playing at clubs and festivals in India. It has genres like bass and hip-hop with Indian influences,” says the artiste who is currently in Toronto. “I’m especially inspired by percussive sounds and instruments. I like travelling around India and taking field recordings. I’ve collected a variety of samples. Even the rhythm and groove of the tracks, in a minimal sort of way, hint at something you might hear at a baraat,” he adds.

The five-track EP, released by UK label Exit Records, starts with Snake Charmer, a collaboration with producer duo MadStarBase. “I started the album with this song to showcase how far we’ve come as producers. And how we are pushing a new sound from India to the world,” Aditya tells us. The next track, Talk features rapper Shayan Roy (who also worked with Malfnktion on the popular track Vincent Chase Slippin) and producer Daisuke Tanabe. “Daisuke is a really incredible producer from Japan. He brought a whole new style of beat making to the track. Shayan Roy is one of the best rappers I know and no one could have done what he has done for the track,” the artiste says about the song. One of our favourite tracks, BigFoot incorporates the instrument tumbi (used a lot in Punjabi music) and samples of distant trains and vocals that invoke the feeling of a big Indian metropolis. “I think it’s aesthetically appealing when an artiste uses the richness of their experiences and influences,” the producer shares.

The art for No Dough by Noopur Choksi

The album art is made by Bengaluru-based visual artist Noopur Choksi. The artwork captures the lockdown and how it affected people’s mental health. Aditya spent a good part of the last year under lockdown in Canada and that inspired his music as well. “I’ve spent so much time indoors the past year with hardly any social life. I guess it’s nice in a way because now I’m making music just for me!” he
signs off.

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