Vivek Kar’s next breakup song to star Prince Narula and Zareen Khan 

It’s a simple breakup song that anyone would be able to relate to

author_img F Khatoon Published :  18th June 2021 01:27 PM   |   Published :   |  18th June 2021 01:27 PM

Vivek Kar

Vivek Kar aka the ‘breakup’ composer’s songs are cathartic to the ones with a bleeding heart. The Assam-born talent who has composed for films like One Night Stand, Direct Ishq and others is coming up with yet another sad romantic number, Tere Bin Sab Theek. The Mumbai-based composer also gets on board Prince Narula of the Roadies fame and Bollywood actor Zareen Khan in the song which is soon to be released. Vivek’s last song Tu Bhi Royega starring TikTok stars Bhavin Bhanushali, Sameeksha Sud and Vishal Pandey and Roman Khan, released last February, created waves and Tere Bin Sab Theek is expected to create the same impact and connect with millions. Here, Vivek talks about collaborating with Prince and Zareen and standing as a strong voice for Bollywood. Excerpts:  

Q. Tell us how was it working with Zareen and Prince in Tere Bin Sab Theek?

It was great collaborating with a Roadies guy and a Bollywood queen. They both are extremely dedicated to their craft. They did not even bother about the late-night routine and skipped their lunch and concentrated on giving their best to the one-day shoot. They were full of energy and enthusiasm all the time. In fact, Prince went out of way to help the crew members with the work. I am definitely going to take them both in my future projects for all their positive vibe.  

Q. Tell us about the song and its music.

It’s a simple breakup song that anyone would be able to relate to. Though people call me ‘The Breakup Composer’ and may be quite rightly so, because even my upcoming songs are about heartbreak; I can’t help it because it comes naturally to me. Also, I would like to give credit to lyricist Kumaar paaji who made me a mature composer and helped me grow as an artiste.

Q. Given that the video was shot during the pandemic. How challenging was it?

Shooting in lockdown is tough but we had to do it with all the safety measures in place. I know people are pointing fingers at B-Town but hardly anyone is standing for it, neither the government nor any political party. It’s heartening to hear people question our contribution to the industry. It’s sad that nobody is enquiring or are showing concern for the hundreds who have gone jobless in the industry. Bollywood is one of the highest taxpayers in India and still we are questioned more and empathised less.


Q. Music videos are becoming popular again and independent music is on a surge. Your comments on this.

Indie music is now the soul of the industry. I strongly feel that the golden era of indie music is back. Whether it is big stars like Akshay Kumar or Emraan Hashmi or a newcomer, everyone is exploring the booming scene of independent music. Music has a unique power to heal souls and with my songs, I continue doing the same.