Meet Bros talk about their single, Butterfly Wale, and plans to release 30 new songs by April'22

Meet Bros are ready with a bunch of tracks — from party numbers to romantic singles — they’ve got it all!

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  19th November 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  19th November 2021 12:00 AM
Butterfly Wale poster

Meet Bros with Deepti in Butterfly

Singer and composer duo, Meet Bros whose last single Galti Kar Baitha Hai became a sensation, dropped a new track last week. Butterfly Wale, an out-and-out party number, has been sung and composed by the eclectic duo and written by Ozil Dalal. The song also features singer Deepti Sadhwani who has hits like Lala Lala Lori and Haryana Highway under her belt. With over 500 hits in their illustrious career, Manmeet and Harmeet Singh plan to come out with about 30 songs from different genres by April 2022. We ask them what’s the formula for garnering hit music. Excerpts:

Your last hit Dil Galti Kar Baitha Hai reached billions. What made this song a hit?

Manmeet: Some big hits come your way when you least expect it. We knew it would connect with the audience, but we never knew that it would hit the roof and be played at Times Square! Every song has its destiny but a song’s success depends on many factors; the visual, the star cast, and the director’s understanding of the song’s vibe.

Talking about Butterfly Wale, what was the idea behind it?

Harmeet: We had this beautiful song that we wanted to release in November, basically a party song. Deepti has been wanting to sing with us for a very long time and this song seemed to be apt. Also, freedom and love are the two keywords in this song and those are quite relatable. It has a bouncy melody that will make you hum.

How has the response for Butterfly Wale been so far?

Manmeet: It’s been overwhelming, to say the least. Among the comments, 99 per cent are positive and each day the love for the song keeps increasing. You two have been creating music for over a decade now.

What is it that keeps you inspired?

Manmeet: Being brothers, we understand each other well. Also, our commitment remains the same — creating good music. The composers in us are greedier than the singers. We are not hungry to sing all the songs that we compose. We are very choosy when it comes to singing. We want the song to be presented well, if it demands a particular kind of voice, we happily go for that. Harmeet: Our partnership has been like Pi Patel and the tiger in Life of Pi. We have learnt to survive together. And it has been a beautiful journey, so far.

What’s next after Butterfly Wale?

Manmeet: A good mix of romantic and party songs are coming your way. By April 2022 we intend to release around 25-30 songs. Also, a lot of local collaboration will be happening and we might partner with an international artiste too!

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