Godless is bringing metal back to the scene with its first full-length album, States of Chaos

The last two years saw metal as a genre take a back seat

Anagha M Published :  26th November 2021 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  26th November 2021 07:00 AM


The last two years saw metal as a genre take a back seat. Electronic and commercial music can adapt to the digital shift, while metal is a genre that thrives on live gigs. “The live music scene was the first thing to shut and the last thing to open. Metal was the last to come back and it still is just barely opening up,” Abbas Razvi, the founder and bassist of death metal outfit Godless, tells us. But the band used the time to write and make music, and is now out with a full-length album, States of Chaos.

The nine-track album has some introspective and psychologically dark themes. Vocalist Kaushal LS expands, “A lot of the themes of the songs revolve around experiencing terror and trepidation. The song Netherworld is a good example of the lyrical style of the album.” Netherworld is also accompanied with a music video — a CGI-created hellscape that captures the anguish of a person who is losing their sanity. Godless has been making music for almost a decade and now with this album, the band truly establishes its identity in the  death metal space. 

States of Chaos was also launched with its own craft beer at Aurum Brew Works. The dark Belgian ale was created especially for the album launch. “We always thought that it would be a really cool idea to have our own beer. George (Jacob, the brewer) is a good friend and, more importantly, makes great beer,” Abbas adds. Up next, the band has its eyes on Europe. “Post the India tour, we’re definitely looking to do a States of Chaos promo tour in Europe in 2022. We’re also working on a new music video,” Kaushal signs off.

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