Pooja Nirmal’s The Void talks about a man lost in the present without a past

Pooja Nirmal’s debut music project ‘The Void’ talks about a man lost in the present without a past
Pooja Nirmal
Pooja Nirmal

In the wilderness lies a man. He woke up in a perplexed state of mind, not knowing where to go. This is the opening scene of Pooja Nirmal’s debut music video ‘The Void’. The 27-year old’s debut project released on Karikku Tuned is out of the box, and quite the food for thought. 

“The video is about a man who is in coma. The story happens in his unconscious. Though he is confused in the beginning, he recognises flashes of his past, and eventually regains his memory,” says Pooja, who is also known as Poov.

The idea was conceived in 2020. Retouching certain aspects, the storyline was developed along with the director Sachin Dass, who is also the cinematographer/editor of the track. The title ‘The Void’ represents the emptiness in the man’s life, when his past is lost on him.

“From birth to death, life is a journey. We meet a lot of people, go to many places. Some of them influence you. Those factors decide the person you become. When you lose your memory, you lose everything. Then, you are just a piece of flesh. This was the thought behind the lyrics,” explains Pooja.

Abhilash Nandakumar has also been cast alongside Pooja in the video. As he takes a trip down the memory lane, Abhilash dances, in a certain euphoric frenzy, letting himself lose in the process. That is when his memory returns. “This is highlighted in the lyric, “Who fills the void between life and death, Memories..” she adds.

The video ends on a truly comforting note, though it leaves a viewer full of thoughts and conjecture. “In the end, he has a smile on his face as he stops and looks at a hill. This is a manifestation of a fresh start,” she says.

The three-minute video is produced by V3k. Aswathy Joshy is the art director, Hivith Nambiar is the assistant director, video is produced by Kickacid Productions, and the poster is designed by Najah. Watch it on @Karikku Tuned.

Picture Perfect

The serene visuals of the music video was shot in Wayanad. The team carried the shoot adhering to Covid protocols.

“A special mention to Globetrotter Miles To Go team for making our visit to the location possible,”  says Pooja. 

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