Aditi Iyer, a 17-year-old soprano, tackles the subject of abuse in her new EP, Dollhouse

The album is a poignant take on the subject

Anagha M Published :  03rd September 2021 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  03rd September 2021 06:00 AM
Aditi Iyer

Aditi Iyer

OPERA MEETS DARK pop in Mumbai-based Aditi Iyer’s latest EP Dollhouse. Although the artiste is only 17 years old, the record deals with a heavy subject — that of abusive relationships. “I think of abusive relationships as being very pseudo. People just pretend they are in a loving relationship. This is what doll houses look like to me. It’s all plastic and crafted facades,” she tells us. The album is a poignant take on the subject.

The four songs reflect the stages of going through an abusive relationship. The first track, Tearing Me Open, is about being hurt by the other person, and Hollow is about breaking things up. Withdrawal deals with the feelings of missing the significant other after the relationship is over and the concluding track, Your Photograph, is about moving on and finally being happy without them. “Dollhouse is also a process of loving yourself and coming to terms with being alone. I’ve never actually experienced an abusive relationship so this isn’t from personal experience. The real inspiration actually comes from a friend who went through this,” Aditi shares. 

The artiste is a trained soprano and began learning opera at the age of eight. She says that the breathing techniques she used to master the genre have helped her immensely. “Opera is hugely connected to my identity and I think that it is what makes me and my sound unique. I’m a pop singer with opera techniques,” says Aditi, who lists Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo as inspirations. Up next, she is already working on writing more songs. “I plan to do a complete vibe change with my upcoming music which is really exciting for me. As an artiste, I’m always excited to try new things,” she enthuses.

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Aditi Iyer