With its latest EP, Dastan, Baava and Bluedoor Project lays bare untold tales and unspoken emotions

The artistes come from diverse musical backgrounds and the band is a culmination of both their influences

Anagha M Published :  10th September 2021 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  10th September 2021 07:00 AM
Baava and Bluedoor Project

Baava and Bluedoor Project

AHMEDABAD-BASED SINGER, Hansal Suthar and, Mayank Singh, a guitarist-producer from Bengaluru, happened to meet in Delhi in 2018. “We knew each other a little bit from before, but when we met in 2018, we talked about how we both wanted to work on original music. That’s how our band, Baava and Bluedoor Project, was formed,” Hansal tells us. The duo launches their debut EP titled, Dastan.

“The band name is a collection of our individual monikers. Hansal’s love for mountains, his trademark beard, and his calm and composed approach to life gave him the nickname ‘baava’ (monk in Gujarati). The story of Bluedoor goes back to my college days when I had painted the door of my hostel room blue. I would invite my friends over to jam in what came to be known as the room with the ‘blue door’,” Mayank shares.

Sound check
The artistes come from diverse musical backgrounds and the band is a culmination of both their influences. Hansal is trained in Hindustani music and his inspirations are rooted in classical and folk. On the other hand, Mayank is a self-taught rock guitarist and a producer and lists Pink Floyd and Steven
Wilson as his idols. “Our sound is a mix of several sonic identities set against the foreground of pop-rock. Throughout Dastan, we see inspirations from acoustic, indie and folk with touches of electronic, khayal and even Carnatic music,“ Mayank tells us. The five tracks on the album are Jawab, Kal, Jahan, Sawal and title track Dastan. Hansal elaborates that each song has a specific emotion associated with it. “It evokes feelings of excitement, joy, anxiety and introspection. Some of the songs were inspired by my time in a village in Sikkim and the experiences I had there,” he adds.

Looking ahead
Baava and Bluedoor Project has two more songs coming up, and also a collection of musical stories. “We are waiting to get on stage and perform live for our audience, but since the pandemic is not yet over, we are definitely looking forward to some online shows in the coming months. We like to identify ourselves as ‘musical storytellers,’ and we believe in telling stories about moments and experiences that are relatable to anyone and everyone,” Hansal concludes.

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