Musicians Shaan and Aalok Shrivastav come together for a purpose

The song is the brainchild of Delhi’s Education Minister Manish Sisodia
Shan collaborates with Aalok Shrivastav
Shan collaborates with Aalok Shrivastav

Celebrated singer Shaan recently lent his voice to Delhi’s educational theme song Irada Kar Liya. Penned by lyricist Aalok Shrivasta, the song has been co-sung by Sneha Shankar of Yaad Piya ki Aaye fame.

"I am glad to have contributed for a project with a greater cause and Shaan & Sneha breathing life into my words was like the icing on the cake," shares Aalok Shrivastav.

The song aims at spreading the actual meaning of education and was ideated by Delhi’s Education Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia. The song also promotes social skills like communal harmony, patriotism and woman empowerment to name a few.

“The song is a dream for Delhi and talks about the purposes of the capital’s education system,” shares Sisodia who believes his department is one of the first in our country to have an education song.

“The words of this song are impactful and carry a strong social message. I feel elated to be a part of this project with a cause,” shares Shaan.

The video of this song launched on YouTube, is the brainchild of Kajal Sharma and has been shot extensively across government schools of Delhi.

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