MR Jagadeesh
MR Jagadeesh

International Jazz Day: Bengaluru’s jazz musicians talk about the significance of the genre today 

The city's jazz community comes together for a two-day festival

Historically, jazz is a genre of music that was born out of hardship and pain. It took despair and turned it into something beautiful and filled with hope. So what better year for artistes to come together and celebrate International Jazz Day. The one-of-a-kind fest by The Bangalore School of Music and MoonArra World Fusion, which is back after a two-year gap,  hosts renowned musicians of Bengaluru. 

Jagadeesh MR, noted jazz musician and director of The Bangalore School of Music, says, “Jazz is an ever-evolving aural art form. It is secular, democratic and allows musicians to constantly create, improvise and engage. International Jazz Day is celebrated the world over on April 30 and supported by UNESCO as well as the legendary Herbie Hancock who is its brand ambassador. In Bengaluru, we are witnessing a resurgence of jazz, especially amongst young musicians.” With his band, Jagadeesh will perform a piece called A Continent Called Jazz. “This particular production is a look at how we approach jazz in the sub continent. Metaphorically, it is a mythical continent where there is no discrimination or divisiveness and musicians and artistes are free to interact with each other to keep the arts alive,” he adds.

The acts taking the stage include the Anand Murali Quartet, IAMR Project, XperiMental, Heavy Breezin, guitarist Gerard Machado and saxophonist Rex Rosario. Akshada Krishnan, who will be performing with her trio, says, “Jazz is free, and freeing, in so many ways. It is a never-ending discussion. Our showcase is special because it’s been overdue for two years now. The set will be an amalgamation of technique 
and emotion.” 

Another artiste taking the stage with his trio is Suvankar Ghosh. He will be joined by Jeoraj George on drums and Joshua Costa on keys. “We will be jamming on a few standards, ranging from bop to jazz funk. If you are into Charlie Parker or John Scofield do come,” he enthuses. The artiste adds how the versatility of jazz, and its receptiveness to borrowing from other genres has kept it relevant in today’s age. Vivek Santhosh, who will be taking the stage with his trio agrees. The artiste, whose music takes influences from genres such as Indian, folk and progressive, sums up saying, “Jazz music has evolved and grown so much from its actual intention and purpose. It’s this openness towards changes that keeps inspiring me.”

Entry by registration. April 29 - 30, 4 pm. At Prabhat Kala Dwaraka Auditorium, Koramangala 

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