Musician Tanmaya Bhatnagar talks about her latest release kyun hota hai?

Tanmaya has experimented with a more energetic, vibrant side of herself through this track
Tanmaya Bhatnagar
Tanmaya Bhatnagar

Delhi-based singer-songwriter Tanmaya Bhatnagar has recently released her track, kyun hota hai? on YouTubeRanked among the top five female Indie artistes by Spotify last year, she has also signed a major record deal with Sony Music’s sub label Day One. The 28 year old musician is self-taught and takes inspiration from Elliott Smith, Lucy Rose and her own mother. The multi-talented vocalist also deftly plays a plethora of musical instruments and dons the hat of a graphic designer and model with equal elan. Her latest track is peppy, feminine and evokes a strong early 2000’s feel with its visuals.

What thoughts have you put into kyun hota hai?

I tried to do something different with kyun hota hai?. For all these years, my focus has mostly been on acoustic and indie folk with a mellow feel to it. This time I wanted to explore a more energetic, fun side of me. I happen to take inspiration from whatever is happening around me and the last few years have been emotionally challenging for each one of us. Through kyun hota hai? I tried to channelise something positive and exciting that happened in my life amidst all chaos, that is meeting my husband.

The video of this song has a very dreamy, early 2000 feel to it due to the costumes and colour palette used. Was it a conscious approach to recreate nostalgia?

Honestly, the way this video’s aesthetics turned out was not at all intentional. It’s quite surprising how people watching the video are travelling back to the early 2000’s due to the visuals. What we wanted to represent through the video was very well thought out. I am also a professional graphic designer so I tried to bring in the best of both my worlds here. I hope it evokes the same feeling of self-love and discovery that I wanted it to through its visuals.



You are a model, a graphic designer and a musician. Which aspect do you relate to the most?

Creating music has helped me throughout my life in a lot of ways. Writing music is actually an escape to me and something that aligns me with my centre. If I had to choose any one out of these three, I would choose music above the rest.

So you are a self-taught musician?

Yes, I am not a trained musician at all. I did take Indian classical classes when I was very young for a couple of months but dropped out of it soon. I grew up watching my mother play different musical instruments and writing songs, and that is what heavily motivated me. I always used to try to play the piano, guitar and all such things as a kid and this is something I have always liked to do. Growing up I used to write a lot of poetry which then branched out into songwriting as an adult. But yes, I am a completely self-taught musician.

As a listener, which genre of music do you enjoy the most?

I think I relate mostly to very mellow music such as country songs. I also do enjoy listening to popular music and sometimes even a bit of jazz. My mind, as a listener, kind of keeps changing but mostly I am always in the mood to listen to very mellow stuff.



Is social media actually a boon or a bane for independent musicians like you?

I think it is important to put whatever you create out there for people to listen to regardless of the number of views or likes you receive. Creating doesn’t make you lose out on anything. We are all a part of the rat race at the end of the day, but how much importance you give to it shapes what you think. You will get your own views, followers and likes if you stick to your true self and tell your story in your own way. However, promoting the idea of wanting to be someone on Instagram or any social media platform is something that I find very negative.

What’s next?

I have a couple of collaborations mostly with women from the music industry that I am working on currently if not officially, but unofficially on Instagram for small projects. I wish to explore the RnB and pop space a little more before I swim back to my usual acoustic work. I am also working on my next song now and will be spending the next few months working on that. It should be out by the end of August or early September.

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