Anoushka Shankar on her return to India, her upcoming tour and longlast memories of Bengaluru

I just want to come back and reconnect as a person and as a musician, says Anoushka Shankar.
Anoushka Shankar
Anoushka Shankar

Indian-origin Hindustani classical vocalist and sitar player, Anoushka Shankar returns to India after two years with a brand new setlist for The Anoushka Shankar Project India Tour 2022. The nine-time Grammy-nominee who is also the youngest woman to earn the British House of Commons Shield will open the tour in Bengaluru with renowned artistes such as English electronic record producer Gold Panda (Derwin Schlecker), clarinettist Arun Ghosh and carnatic percussionist Pirashanna Thevarajah. The artiste talks to us about her performance, her career and more... 

You were the first Indian musician to perform live at the Grammy Awards. What was running through your mind when you were asked to play?
I remember the experience clearly and even though it was my second nomination, it still felt wild just to be nominated and to be asked to play as well. Then I found out that I was the first Indian musician who will be playing at the Grammys and it was very exciting 
and special.

You are returning to your home country after two years. How excited are you about performing here?
It’s a very deep excitement. There’s some kind of a longing of not having been there in so long and all of us have gone through so much since then. I just want to come back and reconnect as a person and as a musician. 

Besides your performance, what are you looking forward to from your visit to Bengaluru?
Bengaluru has always been one of the main cities I return to. I have very strong memories and beautiful performing experiences there. When I was really young, I would come and spend time in Cubbon Park and in the city because my grandmother lived there. Now I wish to visit my aunt and cousins.

How did the idea of collaborating with Gold Panda come about? Tell us a little about the performance you both will put together at the concert.
Gold Panda is actually a friend and after listening to his music, I wanted to explore an opportunity to create something special. Our duet is an amalgam of electronic and classical music. We will be playing a piece that we wrote and developed together using compositions and concepts of my father from his recording career.

Besides your album Between Us, which is nominated for two Grammys, what else will be part of your setlist?
This album was influenced by the pandemic because I really felt the urge to release an album that was about togetherness and connection. The show will feature music from across albums in new arrangements along with a previously unreleased song Jannah. We also have In Her Name which is a reimagined version of my 2013 track In Jyoti’s Name

Rs 750 upwards. December 11, 7.30 pm. At Good Shepherd Auditorium, Museum Road

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