Signal W takes the stage this weekend with its new album, Wonder How We Got Here 

The members tell us more…

Anagha M Published :  08th July 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  08th July 2022 12:00 AM
Signal W

Signal W

Love, heartbreak and its aftermath — that’s what indie band Signal W’s new album is about. The outfit features Devasheesh Sharma, Nihar Apte, Anukool Raman and Joe Panicker and has been making music since 2016.  The members now stay all across the country, but Bengaluru is where it all started and the band was formed. This weekend they perform in town with their new album, Wonder How We Got Here. The members tell us more…

How would you describe the sound and vibe of the new album?
Anukool: Wonder How We Got Here was being written at a time when things were quite uncertain in each one of our lives. So the vibe embraces the uncertainty and gloomy nature of what all of us were going through. The songs are presented with a pop perspective, characterised by high energy drums, lush synths, groovy baselines and razor sharp guitar tones.

What are the themes that the songs are about?
Nihar: There are a bunch of topics that are spoken about on this album, but if we had to boil it down to a phrase then — love, heartbreak and the aftermath. While this would seem like a straightforward theme, it allowed us to really explore specific emotions like anger, confusion, melancholy, and euphoria, in detail. 

You guys have been making music since 2016. How much has your music evolved since then?
Dev: The music has definitely evolved since then. Back when we were writing for our first self-titled album Signal W, the writing process was a lot different. We were all in the same room and constantly exchanged musical ideas to make the first album. Whereas now the writing process was longer and more fragmented. But that also meant that this time we took more time to develop our parts and sort out our sound. It definitely is a step forward, musically. There are more layers and the music has much more depth than the previous album.

Rs 400 upwards. July 8, 8 pm. At Fandom, Koramangala