Gurugram-based singer-songwriter Sagar Verma releases #PrideAnthem, Sach Kehne Do, as his eighth single

“The primary message of this song is that you don’t need to change for anybody, and that your biggest superpower is that you’re uniquely you,” says Sagar Verma about Sach Kehne Do
Sagar Verma
Sagar Verma

Pride Month 2022 is almost at its end, but celebrating Pride shouldn’t be restricted to one month and that’s what drove Gurugram-based singer-songwriter Sagar Verma to release his pride anthem Sach Kehne Do this late in the month. Sach Kehne Do is Sagar’s eighth single, so far, and his previous singles — Pyaar Hai feat. Samahita Narang and Jee Chaahe both stand, right now, at 1,50,000 and 80,000 organic streams on Spotify each. Fast becoming a popular name within woke Gen Z circles and the desi LGBTQIA+ community, we caught up with the artiste to find out more about the song.

How did you come up with the idea behind the song?
It was a very organic process. I was going through an identity crisis when I realised that I don’t even recognise myself when I look at my reflection in the mirror. I’m a massive people-pleaser and have a sponge-like personality — I absorb people and their emotions a lot and if you do that for long enough, you become a completely different person. And not necessarily someone who you’re proud of! This song came to me when I needed it the most, when all I really wanted to say was, “Jo tum ho, woh tum raho. Jo main hoon, mujhe rehne do, sach kehne do (you stay as you are, let me be as I am, let me speak my truth).” This song is the first release from my debut album Khud Se Mohabbat, which is essentially my journey of learning to love myself again. I’m certain that my music will help people fall in love with themselves, all over again.

What do you identify as on the spectrum?
I think I’m still exploring my gender and identity. I’m not in a hurry to come to any labels. Earlier though, I was in a hurry — because I’ve always felt very different and labels can sometimes bring peace to you. It’s a very special journey and I want to take my own sweet time with this.

Cover art of <em>Sach Kehne Do</em>
Cover art of Sach Kehne Do

The lyrics are the real selling point of the song, who penned them?
I’ve penned the lyrics myself. It’s a very personal song and I’ve tried getting as honest as I could with it. “Sharminda nahi hona ainda se (don’t ever be ashamed of yourself again),” are some of the words that I wrote as a message to myself and also for anybody who has ever been made to feel bad or embarrassed about who they were. The primary message of this song is that you don’t need to change for anybody, and that your biggest superpower is that you’re uniquely you.

Who composed the song?
I initially composed the song on the guitar but then I took it to my incredible co-producer Aditya Shukla, who added the beats, bass and harmonies to it as well. The result is a very satisfying indie-pop anthem that the youth of this country deserves.

What is your message to your fans this Pride Month?
Just be who you are and let others be who they want to be. You don’t need to keep everyone happy. It’s a very difficult thing to do and sooner or later, it will burn you out. Lead your life with love and empathy, both for yourself and others.

Can we expect more such inclusive music from you in the future?
One 100 per cent, absolutely! I don’t intentionally write songs on a theme but I’m sure if I’m writing music about my own life, there’re going to be more interesting messages or my own learnings that I will incorporate into the music as well.

What’s next?
There are a number of collaboration videos in the making which will be out soon and the rest of my debut album, Khud Se Mohabbat.

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