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Ooru, a music video by Richy K S, talks about the struggles of farmers 

author_img Arya U R Published :  13th May 2022 09:50 AM   |   Published :   |  13th May 2022 09:50 AM
Art work of the Tamil song by Richy K S

Art work of the Tamil song by Richy K S

Lush-green fields filled with crops is every farmer’s dream in our country. But pressing financial crisis and urbnaisation has driven many of them to give up on agriculture. Ooru, a new music video directed by Palakkad native Richy K S narrates the plight of farmers who are lining up to fight for their rights.

The eight-minute long Tamil song sung by young musician and composer Vishnu Das talks about a young man who leaves a  white-collar job after he saw the dead body of his father, who was a farmer. The lyrics penned by Shafi Ali conveysmental struggles of the son, his loss and the promise he makes to his deceased father about saving their land from industrialists.

The music video, scripted and directed by Richy, was published by Wonderwall Media on their YouTube channel recently. Ooru pays a tribute to every farmer who has held their occupation close to their heart, says Richy whose short film Hachiko was also quite popular recently. “When I listened to the music by Vishnu, I felt like it reconnected me with my roots. Famers in Tamil Nadu are more in to agriculture than Malayalis. So I could relate to the Tamil lyrics more,” he says.

Rather than bringing in experienced cast members, Richy wanted to have local men fetaured on Ooru, which was shot in Malampuzha. “The father of the protagonist and other characters in the video are local residents. Sasi, who came to help us set up dry coconut leaves to make a hut played the  protagonist’s father’s role. His facial textures and rough body language suited the role. He was a quick learner too,” says Richy.

The music video was a crowdfunding initiative by Richy and his like-minded friends. His dream to direct a music video came true through Ooru when Vishnu Das shared the music of Ooru with him last year. “Ooru is my debut music video. It is call to understand the importance of preserving tradition and our land. Many indigenous communities are leaving behind their traditional jobs and culture behind in search of city life. I want to tell these people to be mindful of what they are missing on,” he says.