DJ Johnnie Ernest talks about his latest release Bewafa x Ek Raat

His last remix track Excuses x Love Nwantiti has crosses 9.1 million views on YouTube
Johnnie Ernest
Johnnie Ernest

Delhi born DJ Johnnie Ernest grew up amidst parents who were ardent music aficionados. This helped him develop a sense of rhythm and notes early on in life, and he soon found himself playing drums for the church choir. “Being a DJ wasn’t a choice, but I consider it to be a wonderful accident,” shares Johnnie who soon found himself enthralled with music festivals and club nights. Today he isn’t only drawing large crowds with his rhythmic remixes but also producing original remixes and in plans of releasing his singles soon. The young man talks about his latest YouTube release Bewafa x Ek Raat in collaboration with JAZ Scape, and his last release garnering over 9.1 organic views on YouTube.

As a DJ, what made you choose an independent platform like YouTube?

It is built out of aspirations of leaving my own mark in the industry. Initially I used to think being a DJ is all about energetic tracks that keep the crowd on their toes. When I gradually started shifting towards independent music and started producing tracks on my own, I realised producing simple music is the key to making a larger mark in people’s minds. It has to have its unique vibe and establish a connection with listeners. At one point I never imagined I would be shooting music videos for my tracks, but that too happened eventually when I collaborated with my musician friends Tanishq and Stich from Nagpur, and went all the way to Bali to shoot the video for our original Summer 45. My last release Excuses x Love Nwantiti crossed 9.1 million views on YouTube, and my latest track Bewafa x Ek Raat is also doing well. This just makes me happy and encourages me to pursue independent music alongside commercial tracks behind the console.

Do you have a musical background?

I grew up in a musical family, and my father still sings whenever he can. However, it makes me wonder why they never pursued their passion. My interest in beats and rhythm developed when I started playing drums at the church, and eventually I also started learning music production. The way people react to original and new music, enthralls me and keeps me motivated as a musician.

Has the night club scenario evolved ever since you started?

My answer is affirmative. Back in 2010 I stumbled upon the late Swedish DJ and remixer Avicii who changed my vision of music. Over the years I realised how his vision fit perfectly into what people demand these days. People no longer have the patience to listen to long tracks and stick to crisp, short music tracks. It isn’t about the quality, as there are music producers who still make excellent music but the tracks have become smaller and smaller. The preferred genre keeps changing as well. Even last year, Techno was booming amongst party goers, but now the preference has shifted towards commercial music.

With the party season coming up, what are your plans? Do you have any collaborations on your mind?

I consider myself lucky to have constantly been able to release monthly collaborations ever since lockdown was lifted. I have been able to accomplish all musical targets I have set for myself up till now. With the party season coming up, I am hoping to have sleepless days at a stretch for the following months.

In terms of collaborations, I have quite a few on my mind in 2023, that also includes one Hindi track. 

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