Rapper Fotty Seven releases new original You Know The Drill

The song released on YouTube today in collaboration with Def Jam India 
Rapper Fotty Seven
Rapper Fotty Seven

Fotty Seven has solidified his place as one of the most influential emcees and lyricists of modern Indian hip-hop with songs like Boht Tej, Baap Se and Banjo. He is now back with yet another original in collaboration with Def Jam India, after his first stint with them that went by the name Banjo. The newest track is titled You Know The Drill and features Punjabi singer and lyricist Ellde Fazilka.

You Know The Drill released on YouTube earlier today and touches on topics like faith and the power of unwavering self- belief. The lyrics speak of personal experiences of the musician and sheds light on his past struggles. The song traces his journey from when he had nothing to call his own to the present times where he has seen success based on self- belief and hard work.

The music video shows live visuals from the small streets and lanes of Old Delhi and Chandigarh that shed light on nostalgic Indian elements, shot by a strong graphic lens. Framed and conceptualised by global underground hip-hop film maker Azar Strato, the video sees Fotty trying to blend himself with crowd and the experiences of the individuals in an attempt to understand their stories. Azar Strato was flown in from Russia to give Fotty's words a visual perspective.

"My main source of inspiration is my culture and the music video depicts the determined effort to highlight the daily lives of people in Delhi and Chandigarh," shares Fotty. The visuals have prominent shots taken at Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk and Rock Garden to name a few as these places are thronged by people across all social stratas on a daily basis and help capture real life scenarios effectively.

"This song sheds light on an alternative side of North India. This video reflects on stories of people amongst whom I belong. The story is extremely connected with my roots. I believe true wealth is living a happy life and being proud of who you are. You Know The Drill reflects exactly the same," concludes Fotty.

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