This city-based band takes the stage with its mix of blues, jazz and rock tunes

The band will perform a mix of its originals and covers

Alwin Benjamin Soji Published :  21st October 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  21st October 2022 12:00 AM
The members of the band

The members of the band

Bengaluru-based band Go Funk Yourself truly tries to live up to its name. Vocalist and guitarist, Ashwin, came up with the name when he felt compelled to do something different after being subjected to multiple open mics where the solo acts played nothing but love songs. “I was frequenting many open mics and was
bored to death by all the solo guitar acts that sang love songs. I really wanted my music to hit you with solid drum beats and catchy bass riffs,” reveals Ashwin. Ahead of their performance at Hard Rock Cafe, Ashwin tells us more about their music and what to expect from the gig:

You are based out of Bengaluru. How important has the city been to your growth as a band?

Bengaluru has always had a history of promoting live music, making it the rock capital of India. Being raised here meant frequently visiting concerts including Openjamm. The exposure has played a pivotal role in making me and the band better at our music.

What is on your setlist for your performance at Hard Rock Cafe?

Our set list is designed to get you on your feet and stay that way. The list features three of our original songs; Monday Life, Far Away Love, and Go Funk Yourself. Monday Life is a rock song that talks about dealing with Mondays while Far Away Love can be considered as jazz. It talks about relationships and meeting someone you haven't seen in a long time. Go Funk Yourself is also inspired by rock music and talks about enjoying life and being yourself.

How would you describe your music?

We believe music is meant to be the ultimate form of entertainment where you can escape life’s troubles and enjoy yourself. Our aim is to get you moving and grooving and to forget everything else. It’s just pure fun.

Can you tell us a bit about the background of the band?

The four of us, Sunil, Piyush, Atul and myself were drawn together because of our love of groovebased music. We also really enjoy improvisation. We really immerse ourselves in the moment and enjoy the music. We’re really a band of brothers who enjoy each other’s company and musical talent.

What is next in line for the band after your performance at HRC?

We will be officially releasing two of our songs Monday life and Go Funk Yourself. We also really want to do a special performance for our first anniversary as a band, which is in February. We want to have a performance that blends music and art to give our fans the ultimate artistic experience.

₹750. October 27, 9 pm. At Hard Rock Cafe, St. Marks Road