Shilpa Rao and Pop Rock duo Faridkot to collaborate with a popular music label

Singer Shilpa Rao has carved out her identity through her distinctive vocal texture Inderpreet (IP) Singh and Rajarshi sanyal of Faridkot rose from a music reality show.
Faridkot, (inset) Shilpa Rao
Faridkot, (inset) Shilpa Rao

Bollywood singer Shilpa Rao, who has made her mark in the music industry with some of the biggest hits takes to her Instagram to share a succinct yet a significant announcement of a project with T-Series, bringing in her first collaboration for a music single. Interestingly, pop rock duo Faridkot, who crafted a masterpiece like Jehda Nasha also posted a very similar announcement of them collaborating with the label.

The uniformity between both their posts only raises one question, are the artists coming all together for a new single or does it hint their independent collaboration with the label? Either ways, it is a good news for the fans! Though, Shilpa and Faridkot have both independently worked with T-Series previously for film songs, would this be the first time they come together with the label for a fresh single? We cannot wait to see what’s coming next!

Shilpa Rao said, "This is my first collab and video with T-series and really looking forward to it because it depicts a very beautiful bond between two souls. This is something straight from the heart and hope the listeners will enjoy it."

Faridkot added, "We're really excited to join hands with T- Series once again and this time for a single. This one is very close to our hearts and it's going to be a treat for the listeners' ears."

Singer Shilpa Rao has carved out her identity through her distinctive vocal texture and has held sway over the nation ever since the beginning of her career. Whereas Inderpreet (IP) Singh and Rajarshi Sanyal of Faridkot band started with a music reality show and rose to fame with their chartbuster song Jehda Nasha is now collaborating with the Asia’s largest music label T-Series. With talents so unique and unconventional, we cannot wait to find out more about it.

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