Grammy nominated Camilo joins hands with Diljit Dosanjh for 'Palpita'

The release also comes off the heels of Camilo headlining two music festivals in Japan for the first time to rave reviews and massive crowds
Image Credits: IANS
Image Credits: IANS

Grammy nominated and  five-time Latin Grammy winner singer Camilo teamed up with singer Diljit Dosanjh on new song Palpita. It is an original track released for the second season of Coca-Cola’s global music campaign Coke Studio. 

Palpita represents an incredible coming together of cultures with Camilo singing in Spanish and Diljit singing in Punjabi. The new single validates the power of bringing people together through music and to create meaningful connections across different languages. This release also comes off the heels of Camilo headlining two music festivals in Japan for the first time to rave reviews and massive crowds.

“I have always felt a fascination for Indian culture and its traditions,” said Camilo. “I had the chance to go once and fell in love with it. Years later, I noticed what’s happening with Punjabi music and how artists like Diljit, are crossing over and sharing their music, culture, and sound worldwide. I’ve admired Diljit for a long time, long before this collaboration came to me, so it was an incredible surprise to see it all come to life. Working with him in the studio was a valuable learning experience because I had the chance to truly see and feel his huge heart, the richness of his melodies, his kindness, and the one of his team. This song makes me very proud, not just because we did it but what it means in my career and what we are building between his country and mine,” he added.

"Collaborating with the incredibly talented Latin artist Camilo on Palpita for Coke Studio has been a truly enriching experience,” said Diljit, adding, “Music has this extraordinary ability to bridge cultures and create an unbreakable bond among people, and this collaboration exemplifies that beautifully. Working on this project has been an absolute joy, and I'm eagerly looking forward to sharing our Latino X Punjabi musical fusion with the world. I hope Palpita resonates deeply with listeners and brings a sense of unity and joy to everyone who listens."

The new single marks Camilo’s second track of the summer for Coke Studio, previously featured on Jon Batiste’s song Be Who You Are (Real Magic) with other global power house artists including NewJeans, J.I.D, and Cat Burns. Be Who You Are (Real Magic) was the first track to officially kick off season two of the worldwide Coke Studio campaign. 

Most recently, Camilo released the deluxe version of his Grammy-nominated album De Adentro Pa Afuera. Originally released in September 2022, De Adentro Pa Afuera has accumulated over 1.6 Billion total audio and video streams and is certified platinum in the United States.

The album is Camilo’s most personal album in his catalog, which captures and immortalises the feeling that awoke inside him with the arrival of his firstborn child, Indigo, and includes features from Camila Cabello, Grupo Firme, Evaluna Montaner, Nicki Nicole and Alejandro Sanzy Myke Towers.

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