[VIDEO] Ashwin Adwani's 'Unke Rangon Mein' boasts a happy harmony

The Indore-based musician opens up about the inspiration behind his latest track and lots more...
In Frame: Ashwin Adwani
In Frame: Ashwin Adwani

Intertwining threads of glee with hope, singer-songwriter Ashwin Adwani’s new single, Unke Rangon Mein, is a moodbusting track that can make you sway while you are cruising across an open highway. The three-minute-long song celebrates people who make your day extra special just with their mere presence.

Laden with optimism and joy not just with its lyrics but also the visual aesthetic, the track has put Ashwin on the map with other celebrated Indian pop talents. In an exclusive chat, we speak with the Indore-based musician about the latest release, his upcoming discography and lots more…

Tell us about your new track, Unke Rangon Mein. What inspired it?
We meet hundreds of new people and have hundreds of new experiences with them, but rarely do we cross paths with someone who makes us feel like we have known them for years even if it’s the first time we are meeting them. This song is an ode to them.

Tell us how you incorporate elements of the indie pop genre into your signature sounds.
Indian pop for me is more of an expression and a statement to the world that ‘I have arrived’ more than just a mere aesthetic. I genuinely feel lucky to be a part of the early stages of the world acknowledging indie pop.

What are some of the themes that you like to explore with your sound?
I write from personal experience and my songs are autobiographical in a lot of ways. The simplest of thoughts in our lives sometimes tend to be the most poetic ones and as songwriters, we tend to overthink, over-romanticise and over-dramatise each and every situation and make a song out of it.

What are your upcoming release plans?
I have a bunch of singles lined up for next year, all ready for release. Hopefully an EP soon and then we take these songs to fans across the country.

Unke Rangon Mein is streaming on all major audio platforms.

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