Indie artiste Raveena Mehta opens up about her new song, 'Kho Jaun Main' 

Kho Jaun Main immerses us in vulnerability and resilience

Chokita Paul Published :  21st July 2023 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  21st July 2023 12:00 AM
Raveena Mehta

Raveena Mehta

Belgian-born British-Indian singer-songwriter, Raveena Mehta’s prowess as an artiste has come full circle — a blend of alt-rock, blues, personal growth, and relentless vigour that has led her to carve a place for herself in the annals of indie music. Her voice is infused with the echoes of Brussels and the melodies of Mumbai. With the release of her latest song, Kho Jaun Main, Raveena has unearthed her artistic evolution and cultural fusion. In her own words, she describes the piece as a symbolic expression of two separate paths that never quite aligned, yet finding solace in the unrequited love that exists from afar. It is a blend of R&B and soul, two genres that lie at the core of her artistry. “I believe exposure is everything and it most definitely impacts one’s mindset and direction,” she tells us.

How does the song hold a profound personal meaning for you?
The creative process looks different for everybody. For me, on a personal level, especially in the next wave of songs that I am about to release, you will find a lot more of my thoughts and identity interwoven into each song differently. For me, this process entails being honest with myself, and working with people I resonate with and learn from. Also working with intention, if I’m deliberate about what I’m saying and putting out in the world, there will be audiences who will take that energy in and reciprocate.

Your music often carries a strong sense of spirituality and transcendence… Spirituality is very important to me, music is a spiritual experience for me, it’s grounding, humbling and transcendent as an art practice. I consider recording vocals and being in the studio to be a spiritual experience; I find it therapeutic. A lot of my songs and the upcoming ones speak about being one with yourself and finding contentment within yourself.

How do you appreciate the beauty in the present moment?
I take time to slow down, connect with nature, and stay in the moment which allows me to remain honest with my music and translate the same into my songs. I take time away from social media now and then and enjoy spending time in nature, whether it’s hiking, scuba diving or just sitting in the park listening to music or spending time with loved ones. Grounding activities like these help me stay connected with who I am at my core.

Kho Jaun Main is streaming on all platforms.