Debattama Saha opens up about her career as a radio artiste and her experience singing for Vikram Montrose’s 'Ranjhana'

The song encapsulates longing and bittersweet nostalgia

Chokita Paul Published :  02nd June 2023 10:26 AM   |   Published :   |  02nd June 2023 10:26 AM
Debattama Saha

Debattama Saha

Actor and singer Debattama Saha, a native of Silchar, Assam embarked on a melodic odyssey that would ultimately propel her towards spotlight. We settle in to explore the Mumbai-based artiste’s ventures and her voice in Vikram Montrose’s newly-released song, Ranjhana — how her enthralling aura effortlessly captivates us and strikes a harmonious chord deep within. Composed by Vikram, who is known for providing music for the track, Kar Har Maidaan Fateh in Rajkumar Hirani’s 2018 film, Sanju; Ranjhana which accommodates Debattama’s singing, addresses a beloved.

As the song’s melody gently caresses our senses, she shares, “It transports you to a realm of bittersweet nostalgia, evoking emotions of love, yearning, and the haunting beauty of memories.” The piece unfolds like a carefully crafted painting, each stroke of musicality delivering a brushstroke of devotion. Debattama’s vocals aromatise the words with springs of tangible vulnerability. “The lyrics of Ranjhana hold a deeply personal significance to me,” she reveals, adding, “They delve into the intricate moments of longing, and the profound impact it leaves on our hearts. The song unfolds like a poem, with each verse and musical arrangement revealing a new facet of sentiment.” Reflecting on the expressive power of the music video accompanying the piece, she reveals a vulnerable moment of personal connection. Her voice trembles slightly as she shares, “I personally teared up in the video.”

Her art sprouted from her early endeavours as a radio artiste, which acted as a gateway into the glamourous worlds of acting, music and dance. As a young artiste, she discovered her voice while it reached audiences through the airwaves. During this time, she began to explore the vast realm of music, delving into various genres and styles, honing her skills, and nurturing her innate talent. “The radio became my training ground, where I learned to harness the power of my voice, modulating tones, and infusing my delivery with the perfect blend of passion and resonance. I like to explore the creative world. Acting is my first love but music never stopped for me. It is always going to be both. I am a trained classical singer and have been learning music since my 3rd standard. I picked up Rabindra sangeet as my mother wanted me to learn it,” she tells us. Ranjhana is streaming on all platforms.