Grammys rolls out ban on AI-generated music

Even RIAA has demanded Discord to shut down a server called ‘AI Hub’
Photo Credits: Pexels
Photo Credits: Pexels

Many suggest that music is a volatile piece of art. It can be easily stolen, remastered and produced in a different version. With the rise in AI and its applications, music becomes one of its critical baits and now it looks like the industry is building its boundaries for AI starting with Grammy.

As per the latest update, Grammy has officially banned AI music from submissions and nominations and will accept music which has part human creation. They will only take up entries of human design and creativity.

For the unversed, to make good use of an AI-generated music world, a few artists are offering their flair to be used in exchange for a percentage of the royalty.

Music generated by AI is formulated and trained to work on copyrighted music. This poses a threat to an artist’s original work. When given a prompt to curate music in a particular artist’s style, AI generates music resembling the artist and the creator can make income off it. Legally, they will not be violating copyright laws as the voice or style itself cannot be copyrighted.

For instance, the AI-generated number, ‘Heart on my Sleeve’ used The Weeknd and Drake’s voices and then instantly became a chartbuster. The piece attracted massive support and as per the last count, it had already been streamed 600,000 times on Spotify.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has been since working towards forbidding AI music, and now it has demanded Discord to shut down a server called ‘AI Hub’ consisting of 1,45,000 members who are accused of sharing and distributing AI-generated songs.

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