Bengaluru beat-boxer Kevin Noel Sequeira’s debut single is about mental health and breaking barriers...

The beat-boxer was recently adjudged as the VIce Indian Beatbox Champion

Last year, Bengaluru-based beatbox loopstation artiste, Kevin Noel Sequeira, won the title of Vice Indian Beatbox Champion and, in the process, becoming the first one to do that from South India. The artiste, recently released his debut single We Got Power, which is now streaming on all major music platforms. The beat-boxer shares with us his idea behind the debut single, his experience being part of Indian Beatbox Championship 2022, future projects and lots more...

Recently you released your first single titled We Got Power. Tell us more?
The idea of the single started back in February. I was part of the Indian Beatbox Championship back in December last year and in the finals, when I was on the stage, I wanted to make the crowd dance and have fun myself too. That’s when I created a house beat, which kind of had a 130 BPM. I did something that was a bit risky because no one pairs up emotional or very depressive lyrics with something that is vibey and groovy. So, February and March were a couple of difficult months for me and since I started beat-boxing, all I wanted to do was bring out what I feel through my music. The song is more about pain, grief, breaking barriers in terms of addressing mental health and also breaking the idea that the human voice cannot be used to make a full song.

How did it feel when you released your first single?
The song was ready by March end but there was a lot of hesitation in terms of do I take the leap of faith? What will people think about it? Will it work? That self-doubt phase was the biggest challenge of putting out music. I have been doing a lot of videos on Instagram where the audience is different. But here, you are putting it out to a global audience.

<em>Kevin Noel Sequeira</em>
Kevin Noel Sequeira

Tell us about the Indian Beatbox Championship?
I never thought I would be reaching the finals of the championship. So, that was the third edition of the Indian Beatbox Championship. The first one happened in 2016 when I did not know what beat-boxing was. The second one was in 2018, when I was in my first year of my degree and that took place in Bengaluru and I went there as a spectator. When the 2022 edition took place, I decided to participate and I took part in the loopstation category. The fun fact was that I picked up the loopstation six months before the championship began. I was battling people who have been working with the loopstation for the last five years. But, still I went ahead and sent my recording, they selected me in the top eight and then in the top four. So, reaching the top four was itself a huge deal for me. Then I travelled to Mumbai where World Champions Berywam (a beat-boxing group) was there and making them groove along while you perform was big thing. Then from top four elimination to top three, and when I reached top three, I decided that I wanted to be part of the finals.

Why did you choose to stick to the loopstation?
Before 2018, I was inclined towards rapping. I used to write lyrics and used to participate in rap battles. Then after 2018, I started beat-boxing because I love sounds. The reason I stuck with a loopstation is because I wanted to do multiple things at the same time. I wanted to make beats while also rapping along. It was kind of making music on the spot and being like a oneperson band. Dub FX is one of the people who inspired me to take up the loopstation. He is an Australian musician and he has been using the loopstation for a long time. Then there is Brez, who is a three-time loopstation champion. He made me look into the hip-hop side. So, there are different people who inspired me to pick up the loopstation.

Tell us about your upcoming projects?
There are two other songs that in the pipeline. I am planning to release one in September or October and the other in December. I want to end the year with three singles because I want to see how different genres perform.

We Got Power is streaming on all major music platforms.

Twitter: @al_ben_so

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