Five must-have songs in your guitar appreciation playlist for International Guitar Month

These songs have captured every personality employed by the instrument, woven beautifully with the story that they’re narrating

Pranav Shriram Published :  31st March 2023 06:31 PM   |   Published :   |  31st March 2023 06:31 PM
Our picks for an International Guitar Month playlist

Our picks for an International Guitar Month playlist

As we strum a chord closer to April, also observed as International Guitar Month, we cannot help but bob our heads in sync with the magic created by artistes who have mastered the instrument. Regardless of the number of strings or the type of guitar, musicians produce endless creativity with various chords, notes and strumming patterns. 

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To keep the musical spirits high and celebrate this month as a graceful yet rocking chorus, we have curated a list of must-have songs produced by some of the best popular and upcoming indie artistes from across the globe. These songs have captured every personality employed by the instrument, woven beautifully with the story that they’re narrating. Including these picks in your playlist is sure to encourage you to press the repeat button. 

Aao Chalien - Taba Chakey

This Hindi track by the musician from Arunachal Pradesh from his album Bombay Dreams begins with a peppy riff and when the drums kick in, the tone of the song is set. The song talks about being carefree and how the reminiscent memory of love is guiding a lonely wanderer who is set out on a new path in his life.  The electric guitar interlude adds a different flavour to the overall rhythm of the track and is sure to persuade you to hum to its tunes. Taba Chakey has also produced songs in English, Nyshi and Assamese — showcasing the incredible range he possesses.


Dil Mere - The Local Train

You would rarely find a person in the country who has been following the work of domestic rock, pop-rock or alternative rock artistes and has not crooned to the rhythms of Dil Mere. This track from the band’s 2015 album Aalas Ka Pedh is one of their most popular songs. With the acoustic slant of the score, you can observe the effort that has gone into maintaining a soulful concoction of notes. Adding to this musical treat, the lyrics talk about the discovery of the self, pursuing a conversation with the metaphorical heart as a living and breathing entity that has a personality and aspirations of its own. 


Ami Dur Hote Tomare Dekhechi (Cover) - Prithwi Raj Ft. Mahtim Sakib

What hits harder than the most heartfelt cover of a classic song executed so perfectly that even the fans of the original track appreciate it? Capturing the existing essence of the original song by Hemant Kumar, the Bangladeshi artiste Mahtim Shakib adds a melodious contemporary feel to this 2018 cover. Adding to Mahtim’s serenading vocals, the score presents a gracious mix of synth tunes with the acoustics of the guitar formulating an intoxicating song that goes best as a diegetic score in your romances.


Life on Mars (Cover) - Giant Rooks

We’ve all heard the classic hit by David Bowie, but this band from Germany, who have steadily been creeping up the ranks of popularity, produced a rather underrated cover song during the peak of the global lockdowns. As a part of their Quarantine Sessions series on YouTube this cover is the prime example of ‘simple yet effective.’ Lead vocalist Fred Rabe leads loudly and with grace as he utters the words, ‘Sailors fighting in the dance hall...’ with bassist Luca Göttner joining in with the steady strums on the acoustic guitar. This one is sure to make you nostalgic.

Bhanai - Tribal Rain

Bhanai is a soothing track from Tribal Rain, a Nepali band from Sikkim. The song through its lyrics presents a devout expression of selfless love. The picking of strings in the intro produces a tune that is mellow and shy just like a budding romance. The lyrics seem to be representative of the highest degrees of affection, trust and faith that people put into the hands of their loved ones.

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These are our picks for the five must-have indie songs in your guitar appreciation playlist this April. Be sure to include them!