Sufi track Tu Hi Tu brings out the thoughtful side of musician Neha Pandey

Neha considers Tu Hi Tu to be a much needed awakening from a deep slumber in the journey of life

Raima Ganguly Published :  31st March 2023 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  31st March 2023 12:00 AM

Neha Pandey

Musician Neha Pandey needs no new introduction, as she has garnered quite the attention for her energetic, peppy tracks on YouTube. After back to back independent hits, she is now back with yet another original titled Tu Hi Tu that brings out the thoughtful, melodious crooner in her. She refers to this track as a much needed awakening from a deep slumber, and opens up about the turmoil that pushed her to write this soothing number. Neha is known for her original Arabic renditions, alongside compositions in Hindi and is the first woman of Indian origin to create original Arabic songs. We speak to her on the occasion of her newest release Tu Hi Tu.



Tell us about your latest single…

I composed this song during a turbulent period of my life. Most of us have had experiences where our near and dear ones turned out to be not the ones we thought them to be, and made us realise the existence of an invisible force that keeps us afloat. I believe Tu Hi Tu is going to be highly relevant to the ones looking to find a purpose and meaning in this complex world. I have noticed that in times of great distress, people tend to feel disconnected and alienated which can be soothed by the power of music and spirituality. The song reaches out to people from all walks of life because the search for meaning and purpose is a universal human experience. I hope the song keeps growing in the hearts of people.


Take us through your musical aesthetics?

Each of the tracks explores diverse music styles. I think musical diversity is a valuable asset for any artist as it helps them reach out to a wider range of listeners while simultaneously bringing out your creativity. Experimentation also helps in honing new skills and musical knowledge.

Expand your horizon and reach and reach out to new audiences. Each of my songs have their own unique tone and personality for instance, Busy Busy has a Bollywood touch to it while Tu Hi Tu explores the Sufi base. Humdard from the film Dobaara is an experimental song with dark gradients and Allah Waariyan is a Sufi pop mix. I can’t bring any of my tracks under one particular genre.



How is the audience receiving your latest release?

It is extremely encouraging that my track has crossed the 1 million mark despite not having a catchy visual to enhance its reach. The track was produced without a sponsor, or any specific budget yet it has touched millions of hearts with just a lyrical presentation. I think it is an impressive feat as it suggests that my music has struck a chord with the listeners, perhaps due to its melody, relativity, lyrics or the emotional impact it creates.


How challenging is the indie music scene in India?

It can be extremely challenging and competitive, particularly for emerging artists who are struggling to find their ground and recognition in the industry. There are multiple factors contributing to this such as limited resources be it in terms of finance or access to high-quality amenities. Indie artists are also responsible for their own promotions which again can be quite challenging and time-consuming. Independent artists are also constantly trying their best to stand out from the crowd since the competition is a tough one with numerous talents emerging every other day. However, despite all of these challenges, indie music is also a blessing for artists as it helps them express creatively and connect with fans on a more personal level.


What is your source of inspiration as a singer-composer?

It is not possible to pin-point on one particular source of inspiration, but I think my own journey of life has been the greatest source of all. My son Aren Benjamin is another source that keeps me anchored while simultaneously fuelling the creative power within me. He is my biggest fan alongside my sister Apurvaa. I am an ardent nature lover and the simplest of sources such as bird songs and waterfalls too awaken the songwriter within me more than often. Collaborations with other artists too have helped me draw on creativity collectively and develop new ideas and approaches.


Are you working on any film projects?

I have already been a part of a few film projects, and still involved with some remotely. However, I don’t think film music should be seen as the ultimate benchmark in any genre or country. Success in the fields of art is more fairly judged when viewed through the lenses of its impact on the audiences. I am quite confident that my latest track Tu Hi Tu has the potential to be at par with many popular independent Sufi tracks by eminent artists.


What are you working on currently?

I will unveil my future plans over the course of time as I have something very exciting brewing in my pipeline. I am known for my Arabic renditions and like all my previous tracks Tu Hi Tu too has its Arabic version with a catchy twist.


Tu Hi Tu is now streaming on YouTube