Saving our ‘Home’

Singapore-based singer Sushma Soma’s latest album Home – launched in Bengaluru recently – spreads awareness about environmental disasters waiting to happen
In frame: Singer Sushma Soma with her group
In frame: Singer Sushma Soma with her group

Singer Sushma Soma is extremely excited about her latest album, Home, and why not? It brings two of her favourite passions together – music and environment. Was it a difficult or an easy task? “A bit of both,” says the singer, adding, “It was easy in the sense that all my heart was in it. I felt passionate about it and wanted to make this music. So, I was driven to do this. I’m trained in Carnatic music and wanted the music to be inspired from that training. So far, I have never spoken about the environment, climate change or wildlife.

I had not expressed rage or disappointment before through music,” says Soma, who launched the album in Bengaluru recently. The album showcases the very important concern that the world is facing, that of food wastage.

“The reason I looked at food wastage and its management is because the whole point of Home is to speak about everyday choices and to look into how we can make sustainable choices on a regular basis. I found that one of the things which is common to us as a modern civilisation, whether you’re in Singapore, Bengaluru, or New York is food wastage,” she says.

Soma has been working on this album for the past two years and now the reaction that the team is receiving is exactly what they had hoped for. “I’ve received many compliments, but some of the best ones have been that ‘This album bothered me so much’, ‘I could actually only listen to it once’, or ‘I could only listen to some of the tracks once’. That shows that some of the tracks are not meant to be comfortable to listen to! They are meant to provoke thought, they’re meant to make you think,” says Soma.

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