Samantak & Mates release their first indie song album

Led by Sinha, the band has an eclectic line-up comprising Shubhro on electric guitar, Dipayan on drums, and Kusal on the bass.
Samantak & Mates
Samantak & Mates

Samantak & Mates is not merely a band. As singer-songwriter Samantak Sinha likes to put it, the one-and-a-half-year-old band is a “resilient response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity in trying times and to the spirit of original Bengali songs”. Led by Sinha, the band has an eclectic line-up comprising Shubhro on electric guitar, Dipayan on drums, and Kusal on the bass. As they release their first indie song album Samantak & Mates-Vol 1, we get the details of the same.

What can one expect from the album? How different is the treatment of the songs?

I am uncertain if there’s a deliberate attempt to make it distinctively different; the audience would be the ultimate judge of that. However, those who haven’t listened to it yet or are choosing to listen might find a significant amount of melody and nostalgia reminiscent of their school and college days. Our music harks back to the band music era, which was prominent before film music took over.

Have you experimented with the soundscape in these songs?

Various influences have contributed to shaping this album, resulting in a blend of modern rock elements infused with the sounds of ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s rock music, notably rock ballads. However, we haven’t forcefully imposed experimental elements. We’ve aimed to maintain an organic feel, striving for a live band playing on-stage kind of vibe.

Reworking Tagore songs or creating original tracks, which one is more challenging?

Both entail distinct challenges. Working on Rabindra Sangeet demands a delicate balance between restraint and experimentation due to the established nature and sanctity these songs hold among Bengalis. Crafting a new soundscape for such well-known songs indeed presents significant challenges. On the other hand, creating original songs allows for more experimentation since it’s a unique creation. However, this realm presents its own set of challenges. In music, nearly every genre has been explored, making it a task to establish a distinctive signature amidst this vast musical landscape.

(L-R) Shubhro, Samantak, Dipayan & Kusal
(L-R) Shubhro, Samantak, Dipayan & Kusal

How was the journey been right from the television serial Gaaner Opare until today?

It has been incredibly interesting, filled with numerous highs and lows. I’ve never confined myself to a bubble and have continuously sought to break out of my comfort zone, embracing the challenge of learning and exploring new horizons. At times, this approach may have been perceived as “detrimental” to my career. But throughout these years, I consider myself fortunate to have had opportunities to collaborate and produce music for various artistes from India and abroad as well as undertaking commissioned works across a multitude of genres.

Upcoming projects in the pipeline?

We’ve already begun the process for our next album, Vol-2. Simultaneously, we’re also delving into a selection of cover songs. Additionally, I’m engaged in a couple of other collaborative projects.

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