Viral artiste Rosa Linn just released her first Indian collaboration in Hindi and here’s all you need to know about the song!

‘Universe’ brings the talents of Armenian singer-songwriter Roza Kostandyan known professionally as Rosa Linn and Indian singer and composer Denny together…
Rosa Linn (Roza Kostandyan)
Rosa Linn (Roza Kostandyan)

Roza Kostandyan known professionally as Rosa Linn is an Armenian singer-songwriter who began her career by getting signed by Nvak Collective and releasing her debut single King with Kiiara in 2021. In 2022, Linn represented her country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy with the song Snap and finished in 20th place. Following the contest, the song went viral on TikTok and charted globally; earning her a recording contract with Columbia Records. The song has since been streamed over a billion times and she has since released her debut EP, Lay Your Hands Upon My Heart, was released in June 2023. The breakout artiste just released her first Indian collaboration Universe (Mil Jaana Tu) featuring Indian singer and composer Denny and we caught up with her to find out more about the new song, her musical career and lots more…

Denny & Rosa
Denny & Rosa

First of all congratulations on Universe, it’s one of the most touching songs we’ve heard in a long time! How did this beautiful collaboration come together?

Thank you! We wanted to do different versions of Universe in different languages. And Hindi was in our ‘must do’ list, because I have a lot of support from Indian fans. The collaboration with Denny was very genuine. I wanted to hear some traditional Indian elements added to the production. He sent a beautiful version very quickly after our initial call! All I had to do was to make sure I sounded good on it.

Considering you are Armenian and don’t speak Hindi, how did you manage to not only sing in an unknown language but also hit all the right emotional notes?

I love foreign languages. I think they can make the same song sound so differently and it is almost like using a different musical instrument for your voice. I was singing for the first time in Hindi, yes, but Denny helped a lot.

The track uses a beautiful mix of modern contemporary and traditional instrumentation — how did this sound come about?

Circut made Universe sound magical. He’s one of the best producers now and it was an absolute honour to work with him on this song!

How was it collaborating with Denny?

I loved working with Denny. He’s very talented and just a good person in general.

Rosa Linn (Roza Kostandyan)
Rosa Linn (Roza Kostandyan)

Will you be collaborating with more Indian artists in the future?

Why not? I loved singing in Hindi. So, it depends on the song and the timing.

How would you describe your personal sound? Is it ever evolving or is there a core that stays constant?

I love all kinds of music and I write in different genres. All of them seem very authentic to me. I don’t like to put myself in a box creatively. But, I think the core is always the guitar and piano and my voice, everything else is built around it.

How did you feel about the reception that Snap got? Tell us a little more about that song?

Snap absolutely changed my life. I got to work with so many talented people and people who wrote my favourite songs ever. I never thought the song would get where it is now when I was writing it. I wrote the first demo when I was 18 in my room and it was just a way to heal from a heartbreak. It is insane to see how many people love Snap. It’s a bit unreal for me!

Album artwork
Album artwork

Universe is being released in quite a few languages — what was the idea behind this multilingual approach to the song?

The title of the song inspired me and my team to make it universal in a sense. It’s also my way of saying thank you and connecting to the people who listen to my music in different parts of the world.

Armenia and India have an ancient connection — would this cultural connection ever motivate you to make a cross-cultural album?

Never say never! I love traditional Indian instruments. Maybe in the future I will try to integrate them in my music.

Finally, what can we expect from you next?

I’m writing an album. I have so many songs I can’t wait to share with you all!

Universe (Mil Jaana Tu) is now on all audio streaming platforms.


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