Singer-songwriter Soha releases her debut track 'Puzzle Pieces'

Puzzle Pieces talks about a love story between two humans and a robot.

Singer-songwriter Soha recently released her debut track Puzzle Pieces. Soha's debut record, Puzzle Pieces, is an intimate journey which flawlessly captures the essence of sharing a special connection with someone.

Penning the song for her husband as a celebration of their anniversary, the song is bursting with infectious melodies and electronic beats. Perfectly emulating the feeling of falling passionately in love, Soha’s debut is the ultimate monsoon anthem to celebrate your loved ones and explore new romances. Taking a deep dive into the complexity of human emotions, Soha’s music offers listeners a chance to experience and explore their innermost feelings through the songwriter’s raw and relatable lyrics. Starting her music journey when she was in her teens, Soha’s impressive vocal range led to several live performances.

Captivated by the magic of music, Soha knew she was destined to refine her talent and began experimenting with writing her own music. With an unparalleled creative vision, Soha’s desire to craft a unique soundscape is set to enrapture audiences across the globe. Her ability to forge meaningful connections with audiences is a testament to her music, transporting listeners to another realm.

Following the stellar single, Soha has also unveiled a stunning music video for ‘Puzzle Pieces’. Combining her love for music and art, the innovative visualiser tells the story of an unusual love triangle between two humans and a robot. As the narrative unfolds, the unconventional take on relationships navigates a series of twists and turns, providing a mesmerising accompaniment to the track.

Speaking about the track, Soha says, "Puzzle Pieces is a song that perfectly captures the essence of sharing a special connection with someone important in your life. The soundscape combines electronic beats with beautiful ambient melodies, creating an experience that leaves the listener craving more. The lyrics talk about falling passionately in love and experiencing the unimaginable."

The music video for Puzzle Pieces is a visually-stunning journey directed by a talented visionary, Ayush Saxena. "It tells the story of an unusual love triangle between two humans and a robot. A robot with conscience - and the creator with a longing to make his creation groove on the music and then the third person. It's quite interesting to experience how the story slowly unfolds and turns all the tables by the end," adds Soha.

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