This Hyderabad-based music band is back on track, ready to entertain you with their captivating tunes

Known for their unique Bollywood renditions with inventive twists, they blend popular Hindi and English songs, creating captivating fusions
During one of the band’s earlier performances
During one of the band’s earlier performances

Hyderabad, a city celebrated for nurturing artistic talent, continues to be a vibrant hub for both established and emerging artists. With numerous cafés and restaurants hosting musical gigs and events, this city reveres creativity, offering artists ample opportunities to grow and flourish. Music lovers can rejoice as city-based band Root Three Five is set to deliver a fantastic live performance. Known for their unique Bollywood renditions with inventive twists, they blend popular Hindi and English songs, creating captivating fusions.

Drummer and the manager of the band, Rindo Sunny shares, “We fuse old Hindi songs with new ones and sometimes, even with English numbers. When we fuse Are Ruk Jaa Re Bande by Indian Ocean with Hotel California, it’s a hit with the audience. Our song selection, which I believe is uncommon, is what sets us apart. We frequently sing the well-known song Breathless by Shankar Mahadevan, which is very challenging”.

The band is going to perform some of their new creations for the upcoming performance. “We will sing a mash-up of Humma Humma and Roop tera mastana, Sathiya and even a fusion of Pichle Saat and Inteha ho gai,” adds Rindo. He also mentions that their performance will include some of their signature numbers and crowd-favourites like Khamoshiyan, Sadda Haq among other songs.

Taking us through the immersive process of creating fusions, he expresses, “We meet multiple times and discuss various songs. We try to match similar songs and sometimes, even different ones to experiment and see what we can come up with. We keep mixing, fusing musical compositions until we get something that goes well with our music taste.”

Talking about fusions, the vocalist Mir Mujeeb Khan, who is also a trained classical singer, expresses that music is timeless and bereft of any barriers or boundaries. Thus, he says, “It’s beautiful how songs from many genres come together to produce something pleasing to the heart and ears. Fusion is acceptable in my opinion as long as you are producing something soothing and fascinating.”

Talking about the growing popularity of live band performances, he says, “Hyderabad needs a little bit more exposure to such events and cultural gatherings. It has begun on a respectable scale. Additionally, people tend to spend more time at restaurants when they get to enjoy food with good music. You may have been driven there by the desire to eat, but music has the power to keep you there.”

Vijit Singh, who is the bass guitarist, agrees that it was challenging to get gigs until a few years ago, but he says that over time, things have gotten easier. He believes that it is a fantastic time for aspiring young artistes to carve out a niche in this field. “It seemed like things changed after Covid. Initially, only Hindi or English music bands and performances were popular. However, following the pandemic, we noticed an influx of regional music. Fortunately, a lot of people these days enjoy local music,” Vijit adds.

Lead guitarist and backing vocalist, Sanjay Kumar will also accompany the band. Prepare yourself to enjoy to the fullest while singing along to your favourite tunes and immersing in the music!

Free entry. June 7, 9 pm.

At Hard Rock Café, HITEC City.

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Twitter: @kaithwas_sakshi

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