Swarathma brings their electrifying fusion beats and sustainable initiative, igniting a night of musical brilliance with their latest album, Raushan

The band is celebrating their fourth album with an extensive India tour
Band members
Band members

Indian folk rock band Swarathma is set to enchant Hyderabad with their latest album, Raushan. Known for their unique blend of traditional Indian sounds with modern rock, Swarathma’s music is as much about social messages as it is about melody and rhythm. The band’s roots trace back to Mysore, where cofounder and lead singer Vasu Dixit started the group during his college days.

Jishnu Dasgupta and Varun Murali joined in 2007, and since then, the band has released four albums, each echoing their signature style and heartfelt themes. Raushan, the title track of their newest album, encapsulates the spirit of finding new light in life and feeling liberated from past darkness. The band is celebrating their fourth album with an extensive India tour. Jishnu Dasgupta emphasises the importance of artistic expression, stating, “Every human being has to find a way to express themselves and art and artistic way is a way to do that perfectly.” For Swarathma, the joy of performing live and connecting with their audience is paramount. “We can find the real happiness of playing on a stage where the audience is enjoying our songs,” says Jishnu, reflecting on the band’s motivation for making music.

Varun Murali sheds light on the band’s approach to fusion music. He notes, “Each person is a different ingredient in a dish or food. If you think that everyone should have the same musical taste, then the food will be bland. That’s what gives fusion its magic.” This philosophy shines through in their jamming sessions, where melodies often precede lyrics, allowing the music to guide the creative process. The band’s Hyderabad performance will feature songs from Raushan along with popular tracks from their earlier albums such as Jangama, Mushkil mein jeena and many more.

A highlight of their concert is their commitment to sustainability. The band has partnered with a Punebased company to develop a battery bank that will be charged using clean energy sources, powering their entire sound and visual system. While not completely sustainable yet, this initiative marks a crucial move towards more eco-friendly live music events, showcasing Swarathma’s dedication to making a positive impact both musically and environmentally.

Hyderabad holds a special place in Swarathma’s heart, not just for its vibrant music scene but also for its rich culinary heritage. As they prepare to light up the stage at Prism, fans can look forward to an evening of soulful music and innovative sustainability efforts, making it a concert to remember.

Tickets at Rs 499. June 15, 8 pm.

At Odeum by Prism, Financial District.

Written by Manik Reddy

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