Sathyaprakash says Elay Makka made him step out of his comfort zone

The third single from Coke Studio Tamil season 2 has Sathyaprakash in a different avatar

Singer Sathyaprakash is all excited about Elay Makka, the third single from Coke Studio Tamil season 2, in which he has collaborated with Girishh Gopalakrishnan, The singer, who is also the creative producer of the entire season, tells Indulge about stepping out of his comfort zone, and the challenges in the music industry today and his journey from Super Singer to now. Excerpts

What made you get on board with Elay Makka?

It’s every musician’s dream to be a part of Coke Studio, as it is an incredible platform to showcase their talents. It’s quite an interesting place for music aficionados and musicians to be. I’m happy to be a part of Coke Studio Tamil Season Two, not just as an artiste for this particular song but also as a creative producer for the season. I also loved the fact that Elay Makka was a complete fusion and I was associating with some brilliant artistes. 

What’s the one feature that caught your attention the most?

That Elay Makka is not in my comfort zone. Moreover, like I said earlier, I always wanted to be a part of Coke Studio. So, when I was made the offer, I couldn’t say no. I also knew all the artistes involved in the project. I have done playback singing with Andrea, and she’s a wonderful artiste. As for Sanjay sir, he is a legend in Carnatic music. I’ve been listening to his concerts since my childhood. He used to perform in my hometown, Coimbatore, and I would not miss his concerts. As for the song’s composer Girishh, I have worked with him earlier in films. And not to forget, Navz-47 brought her touch to the song with her phenomenal rap version.

How was the experience collaborating with artistes from myriad genres?

We did not meet during the recording as we crooned our portions separately. When every artiste added their bit, the final product turned out to be something else. The way the song evolved and the different emotions and styles blended, it ended up being a huge learning experience for me. Even though I come from a Carnatic music background, I am predominantly into film music. Here, I got to experiment. I also loved the instruments that Girishh used, be it the hand pan or banjo. 

Tell us about the shooting spot experience.

Andrea is not just a singer but an established actress as well. Sanjay sir is senior to us. But they were all so amenable and accommodating of each other on the set. Since I kicked off my musical sojourn with the reality show Super Singer, facing the arc lights was not a new experience. But to be in front of the camera, sing, perform, and vibe for the track was not a child’s play. It was difficult, but enjoyable at the same time.

When the attention span among the audience is plummeting, how challenging is it to make music today?

That’s been a great challenge for every song today. Even movie songs, for that matter, have to captivate the listener instantly, irrespective of their star value. There has to be some element that is intriguing and riveting for the listener, so that they play the entire song. We are dealing with a generation that’s used to reels, where everything is limited to 60 seconds.

Super Singer to Coke Studio Tamil — how has the journey been?

It’s been 13 years since I took part in season 3 of Super Singer. And by God’s grace, I have worked with many composers and it has been a great learning experience.

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