In frame: gini
In frame: gini

Indie musician Gini’s latest single ‘Ansuna’ talks about freedom through music and art in the mundane

We dive into a conversation with gini aka Nandini Nayal to know more about this song and what she has planned ahead for this year

Be it any form of art, nurturing it from a very young age is the way forward. Now with ample opportunities available, it is not a surprise that a lot of musicians are showcasing their talent and reaching out to as many audience as possible.

One such budding talent is 18-year-old singer-songwriter gini who recently released her latest single titled Ansuna. The single, with a muted guitar as the backdrop is simple yet though-provoking.

We dive into a conversation with Gini aka Nandini Nayal to know more about this song and what she has planned ahead for this year.

In frame: gini
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Your latest single Ansuna was released recently. Tell us more about the single and the idea behind it.

The day my 12th board exams ended, I came back home and was reading something when I came across the word sirfira. The word seemed so apt in that moment, describing what I was feeling. With my schooling coming to an end, there was a sense of release and freedom, but also a slight emptiness and chaos. A major period of my life had concluded and I hadn’t processed it yet, so I did what I like to do the most; I wrote a song about it. Ansuna speaks of finding freedom through music and art in the mundane. It describes the feeling of losing yourself in the moment and letting go, for nothing really matters if you’re singing for yourself, to yourself. The title literally means ‘Unheard’. To me, it means that my voice and what I sing is yet to be heard. I have many stories to tell and lyrics to share, and the world has yet to hear them.


Tell us about how your journey in music began and what prompted you to pursue it.

I’ve always had an affinity for music; my parents played a lot of Harry Belafonte and old Bollywood music while I was a child. I picked up various skills across the span of a decade, learning from the internet and teaching myself whatever I could. I started writing poetry at 8, picked up the guitar and wrote my first song at 10 and then taught myself the piano and basic music production at 15. I realised the true impact my music could have one night when I played my debut song, Falling Asleep, to a room full of the strongest people I know. I had never seen any of them cry, but that night they did. There was simply nothing else I could choose to do after living through that moment.

Who are some of your inspirations?

I love the writing style of Swanand Kirkire ji, production elements of FINNEAS and Amit Trivedi, harmony stacks of Jacob Collier and vocal performance of Lianne La Havas.

How did you balance between your studies and making music?

The support of my family was a major boon. I would study during the day and work on music at night. If I spent 8 hours in school, at least 2 or 3 of those were spent sleeping in class. I was fortunate to have been a quick learner, hence I performed well academically, removing peer pressure from the equation. My teachers and classmates knew about the double-life that I led and were some of my earliest supporters. They let me sleep if the topic wasn’t too important, trusting that I’d study it later on my own. I was and still am, very grateful for their trust and support.

In frame: gini
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What are your upcoming projects? What else do you have planned for this year?

I have multiple songs in the production zone right now and all deal with different themes and concepts. I’m grateful to have the resources and ability to focus on the creation of my art and am very excited for the listeners to hear what I have in store. I’ll be releasing a bunch of projects, solos and collaborations, across the span of the next few months and hope to be performing a lot as well. All in all, it’s going to be a great year for art!

Ansuna is streaming on all audio platforms.


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