Don't miss Just Improvise, a new show, on December 5

The show brings together four of the funniest performers in Bengaluru

author_img Ayesha T Published :  30th November 2018 06:08 PM   |   Published :   |  30th November 2018 06:08 PM

Poster of the show

A new team of four funny people will get together this Wednesday to make Bengalureans laugh.  Anil Abraham, Praveen Devasagayam, Sonu Venugopal and Karan Machado, have gotten together for a new show, titled Just Improvise. 

"It is an improv comedy show where the performers create scenes based on audience suggestions. Sonu and Karan ( Kay Machado) are established names in radio. Sonu has a huge YouTube presence as Baju Mane Kaaki. Praveen Devasagayam is a star on Tamil TV and is presently playing Azhagar in the serial Eeramana Rojave," explains, Anil who is more popularly known as Dr Anil Abraham, a well-known dermatologist in the city. But more recently, the doctor was in the limelight for his impression of an air hostess, as Pushpalata Gaitonde, which went viral on social media.

Just Improvise, he says will be a spontaneous act and the cast will act and improvise on any situation given to them. Whether these are instances of couples fighting over what to order for dinner, or a customer demanding a refund, come prepared with your story to share with these improv artistes. "The show will reflect on things that happen around us every day and will help us laught at ourselves," offers Anil.