A show of hands: Johnny Depp turns producer for a play on Michael Jackson’s famous glove

This could either be satirical gold or a theatrical disaster.

Writer-director Julien Nitzberg is reportedly helming this forthcoming production titled For the Love of a Glove: An Unauthorized Musical Fable About the Life of Michael Jackson, as told by his Glove.​ The company behind this indie production is Infinitum Nihil—which is behind titles like Hugo and Black Mass.

The Edward Scissorhands star seems to have greenlit the project whose synopsis reads, “look into the strange forces that shaped Michael and the scandals that bedevilled his reputation.” Just how Julien intends to do so while the glove narrates would be interesting to see.

The single rhinestone glove became famous after the King of Pop first wore it in the music video for Billie Jean, while moonwalking into people’s hearts. This white-glove quickly became his trademark, especially after his 1983 MoTown live performance. Some reports suggest that Jackson took to wearing the glove to hide his peculiar skin condition, vitiligo. Other suggest it was simply a fashion accessory.


The play stars Emmy-nominated actor Jerry Minor in the title role THRHIL-LHA (aka The Glove) and regional actor Eric B Anthony as Michael Jackson. Unlike other Broadway musicals, this production will use specially designed Japanese Bunraku-style puppets—close to 20 life-size puppets that portray all members of the Jackson 5, Donny Osmond, Emmanuel Lewis, Corey Feldman and Bubbles the Chimp. 


For the Love of a Glove debuts on 25 January at Los Angeles.

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