Five plays to attend in Bengaluru in February 

  From Haanush to Baksa. Theatres are finally back to life!

author_img A Sheba Serlin Published :  12th February 2021 12:26 PM   |   Published :   |  12th February 2021 12:26 PM

5 plays to attend in February

Our dramatic artists have got back on the stage to enchant us and transport us to a world away from the walls of our house. Here’s our pick of the best plays you should not miss before the month ends.  



A play directed by Dakshayani Bhat with the production group, Dhrushya(R), takes us back in time to Prague (Present day Czech-Republic) at an age where human creativity was suppressed under the hands of religion and politics. This war between art and power happens in the backdrop of new ships and sea routes, bringing merchants into power. Any new invention or theory becomes a key political gain, so the power houses are in constant watch to claim new innovations. Here’s when Haanush, an ordinary key-maker invents a new mechanical clock. The play revolves around his struggles in the suppressive society and explores human nature with regards to emotion and philosophy. On February 11. At Ravindra Kalashetra.



A Sanket Production, directed by Surendranath S, this is based on the Henrik Ibsen play 'An Enemy of the People. Democracy is considered the best form of government but has its own flaws that not many wish to acknowledge. In a world where the majority has suppressed individuality, the voices of individuals are overpowered by the interest of the crowd. Here’s a play that addresses the plight and the determination of one individual. On February 12. At Ranga Shankara. 


Beechi Rasayana

The Dramatricks production, directed by NC Mahesh, is based on Beechi’s notable book Thimma Rasayana, where he journeys through the world of words and meanings. The play is in the form of a dictionary but not the literal one. He takes common words that are used every day and gives it humorous and philosophical meanings. On February 17. At Ravindra Kalakshetra. 



Theatre is a genre that has existed since the time of ancient Greece and is flourishing till date. The force keeping theatre alive for centuries is the undying devotion and passion of a selected few who call themselves thespians. Rangamanthan is a theatre jam inviting all theatre lovers to get together, learn and share with each other the joy of this performing art. On February 20. At Lahe Lahe.



An award-winning play by DOT Theatre has finally made its way to Bengaluru. It’s a rib-tickling comedy play of a man, all alone and clueless in a world full of questions. The plot is a journey of self discovery and also explores the idea of companionship. On February 23. At Ranga Shankara.