Jyoti Dogra’s play Black Hole is set to make its debut in the city

The play aims at connecting human experiences with science
Jyoti Dogra
Jyoti Dogra

Mumbai-based theatre practitioner Jyoti Dogra brings her play Black Hole to the city. After successful shows in Vienna, Delhi and Kochi, people in the city can witness Jyoti’s latest work, which combines science with human experiences.

Black Hole explores ideas from astrophysics, such as matter, atoms, energy, thermodynamics, and gravity and tries to connect them with human elements like mortality, loss and love,” Jyoti begins, adding that, white sheet which is the only prop in the play. “The white sheet will play different roles. It will become a character and sometimes become the black hole itself or the universe,” she explains.

Jyoti Dogra
Jyoti Dogra

The play has three characters — a mother, daughter and her partner. The mother is suffering from a terminal illness. “The mother in her death bed, talks to her daughter about science and how it is closely related to human life. The understanding of science changes with how the characters see life, how they see each other’s relationships, and how they see themselves and that’s how science becomes a part of the play,” she reveals.

The most important aspect of the play revolves around singularity, a concept that is central to the black hole and one’s life. “The way stars become one with the black hole, humans also feel the experience of oneness when they are with their loved ones,” the actor adds.

Jyoti feels that even though there are a lot of plays based on science, they are about the scientist. “This play talks about the lives of everyday people, who are surrounded by ideas of science and how those ideas change the understanding of their own existence in the universe. That’s what makes this play different,” states Jyoti.

“In terms of design, we have worked on some experiments. We were using projections as a source of light rather than as an equipment that will project images. But this time, we would be using projection mapping, a technique that uses irregularly shaped objects as a surface to project images on.” shares the theatrist.

After her performance in the city, the play will be showcased at JNU in Delhi. “I am also working on some new projects which you will know very soon,” she says singing off.

₹250. February 10, 7.30 pm. At Ranga Shankara, JP Nagar

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